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Dakota's ship 1} Dakota, Tylern, Caraah

Dakota and Tylern played by Kiwi, Caraah played by Leng
Dakota was in her cabin angrily throwing things around and making a lot of noise. After Densra got away she was livid. She'd been irritable since and the slightest things pissed her off.
Tylern was above Deck and she sighed as more noises were made. This fit was probably going to last at least another thirty minutes. Tylern leaned against the railing "GOD I RE9LLY WISH SHE WOULD GET OVER HIM" She crossed her arms and shook her head as other loud thump came from below deck.
"god DDAMNIT!!" the crew could hear from their captain as she continued to make a ruckus. The crew all hoped this would end soon because god it was becoming stressful.
Caraah sat on the railing, idly kicking her feet as she giggled to herself over her current distraction of trollian.
"I stIll thInk we should just Caahpture him aahgaahin <3 MaahyBe If we got her aah pet to hold her over tIll then things would Caahlm down a BIt?"
Tylern rolled her eyes and looked at her. "I ME9N M9YBE BU8 DO WE RE9LLY W9NT 8H98 CRYB9BY B9C7 HERE" She shook her head before another thing was broken under the deck, "9ND HE'LL JUS8 ESC9PE 9GAIN" she shook her head, "9ND WE BO8H 7NOW SHE DOESN'T WAN8 9NYONE ELSE"
"No fun </3" Caraah pouted. "Well I'm goIng to get ME aah pet then <3 It'll Be fun!"
She swung around so her feet were on the inside of the ship and her back to the water. "I sort of lIked the CryIng <3 helps ME sleep." She teased, poking at one of the rings in Tylern's horn.
Tylern snorted, "YOU H9VE FUN WI8H 8H9T I GUESS, 9ND YOU WOULD WOULDN8 YOU" She shook her head "WH98CH 8HE GOODS C9R99H" She playfully rolled her eyes before another crash came, "BEFORE YOU GO OUT 9ND GE8 YOURSELF 9 PE8 C9N YOU 8RY 9ND C9LM MRS S9L8 DOWN?"
"Oh yes my lovely <3 I aahlwaahys haahve fun" She giggled and hopped down onto the deck. "If I aahCCIdently maahke her more upset </3 do you want to Come wIth ME on my treaahsure hunt?"
"fucking stupid DDENSRA" came another yell.
"Welp then lets see how It goes! <3" She skipped toward the door that lead below deck, turning to blow kisses before she descended into the danger zone.
"Ooh Caahptaahin? <3" She called as if she didn't know where she was. Hard not to know with the volume of the stomping and slamming. "Where aahre you my lovely Caahpaahin?"
Dakota opened the door and looked at Caraah "what do you want Caraah?" Her cabin behind her was a disaster. Things were strewn about the floor including clothes, money, maps, blankets, and many other things. She herself was a little disheveled herself with messed up hair and a wrinkled dress.
"Aahw look at you </3 you know whaaht you need rIght now?" Caraah risked the captains wrath by putting her hands on Dakota's cheeks and patting them a few times. "Aah good old fasIoned pIllaging! <3 Come on now It'll make you feel Better."
She smacked Caraah's hands away and let out what almost sounded like a growl. "Caraah, I am not in the moodd" She leaned on the doorway and huffed "I ddon't feel like pillaging either. Dakota looked beyond her normal pissed off and right out to angryville population 1 which was her.
"Oohhoohoohoo!" Caraah laughed at getting smacked away. She knew she'd been playing with fire to get so close when the rage was real. But she just couldn't help herself sometimes. "Aahw Is It reaahlly so Bad <3 the Chaahse Is haahlf the fun rIght?"
Dakota crossed his arms and shook her head "He was right there, DDensra was right there! in that fucking room!!" She punched the door the wood splintering her at her fist. Her knuckles started to bleed and she hissed. A bit of cerulean was on the door and her hand now. "the chase was fun at first but now it's just bullshit!"
Caraah couldn't blame Dakota for being upset really, though she might do it anyway for fun later. Her own fishboy kidnapping escapades went almost as poorly, so she understood the frustration. It wasn't any fun to lose a treasure you worked hard for!
"Those royaahls do lIke to plaahy haahrd to get </3" She agreed. "Not rIght of hIm to hurt you lIke thaaht!"
She growled for real this time wiping her fist on her dress. "They really ddo, he will be mine and his stupidd kismisis won't get in my way" she pulled her hand back ready to send it into the door again before dropping it. "I will get him andd will be my fucking human husbandd or whatever the fuck it is."
"I know you wIll <3 thaahts whaaht I love aahbout you. You'll aahlwaahys get whaaht you waahnt." Caraah praised, actually meaning it. "I'm goIng out for ahh bIt of fun <3 aahnythIng I Caahn get you whIle I'm aaht It? I caahn see aahbout taahkIng out baahldy whIle I'm aaht It <3 If you waahnt."
Dakota shook her hand, and nodded. "leave Karzlo alone it's not a goodd iddea to mess with him." She stood there and tapped her foot. "well we couldd use some more medical supplies" she chuckled softly at her hand "Have fun out there andd ddon't get yourself killed"
"Aahw no fun </3" She pouted, though she was fighting a giggle. "MEdIcaahl supplIes, I Caahn haahndle that <3 maahyBe aah Caahke too. I'll Be aahs Caahreful aahs I Can <3 just for you" She flounced to the stairs, backwards, blowing kisses the whole way.
Dakota snorted before shutting the door to her cabin and laying down. She could clean up later after all.
Tylern looked at Caraah "SO I8 GO WELL 8H9N I 897E I8?" She asked as she saw the kisses being blown down towards their captain.
"Oh ofCourse <3 waahs there aahny douBt?" Caraah laughed and gave a wink, carefully closing the door to below deck. "I'm ME aahfer aahll <3"
As if it wasn't just luck that the captain calmed down for the moment. She liked credit, of course she was going to take it if it was being so freely given.
Tylern pat her on the back gently and smiled "8H9N7S SURE M97ES MY LIFE E9SIER. GL9D YOU DECIDED TO COME B9C7 Y9 FLIGH8Y 9SS" Tylern joked with her leaning back on the railing.
"Aahdventure Caahlls to ME <3 But I know where my home is aaht the end." Caraah took the teasing in stride, pretending she hadn't come crawling back as a failure.
"Looks lIke I'm pIckIng up MEdic stuff whIle I'm out <3 Aahnd aah Caahke of Course."
Tylern nodded "YE9H WE NEED 8H98 SHI8 DONT WE," She hummed and plopped down on a box on the deck. "H9VE FUN"
"Aahlwaahys do! <3 Taahtaah for now my lovely!" Caraah blew a kiss and skipped off to untie one of the smaller lifeboats
Tylern watched her leave and looked around at the ocean. She hated Densra and wished he would just fall of the face of the fucking planet. He was the worst he didn't even like Dakota but she she did. She would take care of her and love her with all her heart but he was in her way.


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