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Buddie Widdly

Played by Link

Buddie Widdly (a.k.a. alabasterRequiem)

[/container] Buddie is a bubbly ex-sculptor with an unending excitement for adventure. She is lively, emotive, and highly expressive of her feelings - you'll rarely catch her with a slight smirk or frown; instead, expect either toothy grins or looks of utter dejection, with her entire body being put into her emotes. Buddie's true passion is sculpting, but, after losing both of her arms and one eye in an unfortunate "incident", she has been stripped of her ability to pursue her art. This left her feeling somewhat bitter and demotivated, but she has gradually learned to accept her new life, and is mostly at peace with who she is now. First impressions are important to her, and she finds it hard to overlook previous turbulent interactions with people, instead opting to try and distance herself from anyone who has wronged her until the time for revenge comes. She is one to hold a grudge and, while she doesn't go out actively seeking violence, she will not shy away from a fight if one brews. While her distinct lack of upper limbs may make her look unthreatening in combat, she is no stranger to (literally) kicking ass, and has been working on her own mouth-katana fighting style for sweeps now. She likes being around people and loves having friends, but often finds it hard to reach out to others, leading her to drift apart from those she cares about. She tries her best to stay calm and out of trouble, but naturally has a loud mouth and can often get carried away with pursuing excitement. She can be a little awkward sometimes, but is rather charismatic, and tries her best to be friendly.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Buddie is tall (6'5") and rather fit. Her horns are short and chipped and her hair is long and wild, tied up into a top ponytail. She wraps bandages around the top left part of her face, covering her missing eye, though some scars are still visible. She pretty much always wears a comfy poncho with her sign on it. Usually, she has her sword sheathed over her right shoulder. She is highly expressive despite not having arms; her facial expressions are almost exaggerated, and she leans and bounces when talking to people. When speaking to someone shorter than her, she instinctively bends her back to be closer to their height, often leading her to come across as condescending without realising.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For as long as she can remember, Buddie has loved art. Growing up in an alabaster cave, she was surrounded by walls and boulders that she would, over the sweeps, transform into her own personal gallery of sculptures and wall carvings. She loved travelling and would wander around all sorts of places to get inspiration for her sculptures. One night, soon after the Merge, she ventured into the city, with intentions of bringing some of the urban experience back to her cave. There, she overheard some classist highbloods talking about the inferiority of the lower castes. Unfortunately for Buddie, her mouth was just as loud as ever, and she found herself starting a verbal altercation with the highbloods. Things quickly got violent and bloody, as the largest of the highbloods decided that he didn't want to hear any more of Buddie's shit; he tore both of her arms off without hesitation, and used her freshly severed arms as clubs to beat her over the head with. Buddie lost one of her eyes, her own weaponised nails clawing into her face, before the highbloods inexplicably absconded in fear of some invisible threat. She lay on the ground in miserable silence for a while, before passing out. She doesn't know who patched her up and returned her to her hive, with the only evidence of who her saviour could have been being the "D2W" drawn in rust marker on her forehead, (next to a crude doodle of a bulge,) but what she does know is that her life didn't end that night for a reason. She spent the next few sweeps learning how to properly defend herself, practicing a very different form of carving as she mouth-katana'd deep cuts into various helpless blocks of alabaster. She learned how to better control her temper, and tried to take to meditating whenever something particularly upset her. Nowadays, she has been trying her best to get back into art, but holding a brush with your toes is harder than you'd expect. She manages to type with them sorta well, though.


Used to be a sculptor, now unemployed.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Buddie is a highly skilled fighter, even without arms. She can effectively wield a sword with her mouth. She likes to sing, but she usually does it too loud for it to sound good. She's a great dancer and a competent rapper, though.

Personality Characteristics


To get revenge on the troll that tore off her arms. To find the person who saved her that night. To be the best armless swordfighter in the world.

Likes & Dislikes

Art, music, kicking ass, chewing bubblegum, dancing, adventure, meeting new people, being loud.
Highblood society, prolonged silence, ladders, being told to be quiet.
8 sweeps (18 years)
➠Sexual orientation
➠Typing Quirk
Streeeetches out wprds and occasionally CA[ITALISES thenm 2 exclaim stugf!! Uses 2 insteasd of tge "two" noise,, and doublers punc2aytion.. Fjuxks up spellimgs sometines from havinb 2 typoe with her toes n nose!! Onlky has one eye in hjer emnotes >.D
"The quicvk browm fox juuumpns over the lazty dong!! .D"
A large, rotund armadillo-like creature that eats rocks. It likes to take bites out of cave walls, often making tunnels and rooms while it eats. It is quite lazy and eats at seemingly random intervals, though it knows not to damage Buddie's sculptures.
➠Original Planet
Sylph of Breath


In Person



Character Portrait image: Buddie by Flynn (colored by Link)


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