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blazingSunrise + timaeusTestified

blazingSunrise played by Link, timaeusTestified played by Jiro
blazingSunrise [BS] has started pestering timaeusTestified [TT].
BS: you thought you could run
BS: you thought you could hide
BS: but you cant escape me, strider
TT: Oh fuck. She found me.
TT: Shit, i have nowhere left to run.
BS: nowhere at all, i have the entire planet locked down
BS: its over, turn yourself in
BS: ive got some questions, and yes this is a fckn interrogation now
TT: What do you want to know?
BS: question numero uno
BS: where the fck have you been
TT: I've been trying to stop puppet murders. It's pretty hard work dude. Gotta do that shit all day every day.
BS: alright that sounds like utter bllsht because it is but ill pretend to believe you cause youre cursed or whatever
BS: next question
BS: you and kris
BS: do you hate him or some sht
TT: No, i don't hate him. Why would i hate him?
BS: dunno, dawg
BS: i hate a lot of things
BS: like oranges for example
BS: fckn oranges
TT: I take offence to that on a spiritual level.
BS: good
BS: ok so third and final question
BS: and youd better get this one right
BS: you busy at the moment
TT: If talking to you counts, yes. If it doesn't, nope. I've stopped all of the puppet murders i could today.
BS: well yeah of course it counts, its a noble undertaking for sure, but we can overlook your conversatin with me for the time being
BS: do you wanna do somethin later
BS: like head out to a bar and pss off some nameless douchebags, for old times sake
TT: Sure, why not. Maybe someone will have unicorn shit for a drink.
BS: yeah, if were lucky
BS: dont bank on it though
BS: alright one sec


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