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Qillvae Oaks

Qillvae Oaks are the majestic, magical, and massive oak trees native to the continent of Qillvaeon, in fact giving the landmass its name.

These oaks are the tallest trees in the world of Allarya. On Qillvaeon, these trees typically reach 500 feet tall, up to 750 at most; the few that can be found elsewhere in Allarya typically only reach 300 feet. It is theorized by scholars versed in both magic and biology that it is because the trees are magical in nature, depending on magic in order to grow to their fullest extent. Additionally, the trees will typically live forever, as they are not usually susceptible to old age, disease, or parasitic plants or animals. The only known instances of qillvae oaks dying have occurred due either to being burned or chopped down, or to incredibly severe weather. They do not naturally grow in close proximity to each other, typically spread out with miles between them. However, they can be cultivated and purposefully grown near to a preexisting qillvae oak, though the cultivated oaks may only reach 100 feet in height, maybe 200 at most.

Qillvae oaks possess a sort of symbiotic relationship with magic. They flourish most in areas with great amounts of ambient arcane energy, but also act as conduits and sources for magic. In fact, they often amplify and deepen the ambient reserves of magic in the surrounding region, with the greatest effect in the immediate area. For this reason, the nomadic Qillvaselvi mages would settle around them during the Doridan Era, eventually going on to found the magic-focused Avthalassan Empire.

As a result of their magical nature, qillvae oaks are prized for their materials as well as their value as living space. Qillvae wood, leaves, bark, sap, and acorns all possess various magical properties:
  • Qillvae wood conducts arcane energy very well, making it valuable as an arcane focus for wands and staffs. Pulped qillvae wood is used for magical books, scrolls, and papers on occasion.
  • Qillvae leaves typically aid in growth and healing, making them valuable for such things as potions, especially healing potions.
  • Qillvae bark is typically dense and tough. It does not conduct magic as well as the wood, but is sometimes valued for use as for decoration or armor.
  • Qillvae sap is especially good for storing arcane energy, making is valuable for arcane batteries, or potions or foods intended to renew a mage's pool of mana.
  • Qillvae acorns are valuable both for attempting to plant new qillvae oaks, but they are even rarer than the other materials, as qillvae oaks do not often produce them.
Despite their many uses, it is rather difficult to obtain these components. During the days of Avthalas, qillvae oaks were considered sacred to the Qillvaselvi, who jealously guarded them. The Tyrmetian empire, which arose during the Imperial Era and was known for both a fear of magic and for frequent hostility to the Qillvaselvi, often hunted down and burned qillvae oaks whenever they could. Lastly, after the Collapse and fall of many of the civilizations on the continent, it simply became incredibly dangerous and difficult to reach and obtain the materials.

Qillvae Song

As objects central to the culture of a civilization which disappeared near a thousand years past, there are many rumors pertaining to qillvae oaks, many of which are unsubstantiated. For example, the humans of Qillvaeon, who are typically distrustful of magic, often believe that qillvae oaks enchant and enthrall people, bending them to their will. Treasure hunters and others seeking riches in the deep reaches of the deep Qillvaeon forests believe that the oaks' magic can heal any ailment or even reverse aging, granting eternal youth.

One such rumor is that qillvae oaks sing. This ethereal and beautiful song is supposedly only heard by mages who either possess great natural talent or who have been touched by fate. Legends hold that the first Qillvaselvi to forsake their nomadic traditions did so as a result of hearing the qillvae song, and that the song can even be heard in the rare falling of their leaves. It is today unknown if the myth of the qillvae oak's song is anything more than rumor, as the majority of qillvae oaks in Allarya are either dead and gone or lost deep in the dangerous depths of their homeland. 

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