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2891 Doridan

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Allarya is an ancient, storied, magical world shaped by the rise and fall of powerful empires. The first of these, the Doridan Empire, was a paragon of military and diplomatic influence, as well as study of both the arcane and mundane. It experienced a golden age of prosperity as it expanded unchallenged for the better part of a thousand years until the advent of newer, ambitious empires. The monuments and glories of the Imperial Era are long past, however. Rising tensions broke out into the four centuries of the War Era, which devolved into a dark age of lost knowledge and fallen powers.   A millennium of warfare, conflict, and regression has left the world a darker, more dangerous place. The wilds between cities are dangerous, filled with bandits and warbands, magical monstrosities and anomalies, and decrepit ruins. While some realms have started to consolidate and grow prosperous in the Dawn Era, many still struggle for survival.   While dangerous, Allarya is a place of wonder and mystery; magic is studied and practiced by a privileged few, fantastic creatures live in abundance, and an incredible array of peoples and cultures span the world. Amazing lands are home to dwarves, elves, humans, and other more exotic races; dragons roam the skies, and adventurers explore the ruined, mystical lands.