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Allaryan Magic

Magic is a wondrous force of nature in Allarya, as ubiquitous and apparent as gravity. Scholars have defined it as the manipulation and effects of powerful latent forces that are ambient throughout the world. These forces are collectively known as Arcane Energy. The strength and extent of this ambient energy is stronger in some places, materials, or creatures than others, but it is present to some degree in everything.

Raw arcane energy can be manipulated in many different ways, and magic can accomplish all manners of things that are impossible by mundane means. However, as wondrous as it can be, arcane energy typically behaves in somewhat predictable ways, which are codified as the Three Arcane Laws. Practicioners of magic have defined a simple set of rules that define the parameters within which arcane energy behaves and can be manipulated. However, it is uncertain exactly where this mysterious force comes from; whether it is the remnant energies left after the creation of the world, the power and will of the gods, or quite simply just a fact of the natural world.

Many people in Allarya could go their entire lives and only see magic a handful of times in very simple forms: a traveling showman who dazzles with showers of sparks, a rare creature which flies or hunts through magical means, or a kind of magical herb that is native to their area. However, in some places every plant and animal is laden with arcane energy, and some people work with and witness magic every day of their lives. Rarely, magical effects or anomalies can be so widespread as to effect entire regions, continents, or the world at large.

One of the most common manifestations of magic are Spells. Spells are momentary magical effects, which can occur naturally or be directed intentionally. These effects can vary drastically in purpose and scope, but generally serve as a reliable means through which to accomplish a certain task with magic. Rarely, individuals have the talent or propensity to cast spells and perform magic. These individuals are known by many names, but most commonly as Mages. Every race can produce mages, but not all races are as magically-inclined as others.

Scholars of magic have developed different Systems of Magic, which are the various systems of magical study and philosophy practiced by mages. These systems vary, in how they draw on magical energy or where they draw it from, whether they focus on study and practice or inherent skills, and how they are used. Some mages will find certain systems easier, but they can learn any system given time. However, learning additional systems beyond their first can be difficult for mages, as the mindsets required for each are difficult to overcome and reconcile. 

Ambient arcane energy can exist in certain locations in much higher amounts than normal. Depending on the amounts and types of forces and energies at work, the area could see certain anomalies or effects as a result. These could be natural spells, energy soaking into materials or creatures and creating odd changes or mutations, or even new and powerful materials and creatures coming into being. There are several regions of Allarya which are greatly predisposed to such ambient energies, such as the deep forests of Qillvaeon or the island of Alakel.

The Three Arcane Laws

The First Law: Arcane Energy can never be created or destroyed. It can be changed, it can be directed, and it can be drawn between planes.

The Second Law: Arcane Energy exists in all living things, and in variable, ambient amounts in all regions and places.

The Third Law: Arcane Energy cannot be used or stored in infinite amounts.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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