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orgon tsol


It is a very unforgiving place for those that wander into it unprepared, people who venture in for whatever reason often end up turned around and never seen from again. It is a very dry area due to the mountains which prevent rain from getting to it. Which flows out of the mountains and flows along the southern and western edge of the desert, those who do travel or live in the area tend to stay along this river.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing much grows of substance grows in this region however there are several species of plants that have adapted to the harsh conditions that they find themselves growing in.   Black Pusoog Tree is a small gnarled type of tree which grows in the harsh desert. The tree is often bent in various unique shapes by the wind. The leaves of the tree are small, which help it conserve water, a sparse commodity in the desert. This is often the only type of trees that can be found in the desert so it is a very valuable commodity for the few tribes that live in the area.   Wild onions also grow in some areas of the desert. While the Saxaul tree provides wood and water, the wild onion serves as food for famished nomads.   The final important plant is the möngögüi it is an evergreen plant. It produces flowers in stalks. The roots of this plant are used in traditional elvish medicine, and is often traded by the local tribes who know where to find to the elvish settlements. It has important medicinal properties which make it very valuable as it can be tough to come by in the rest of the world.

Natural Resources

The nomadic people who live in this area tend to raise herds of livestock to feed themselves.   There are some mining operations in the southern region of the desert.   There is said to be deposit of valuable metals in the single mountain which rises up out of the middle of the desert but all of the operations that have gone to mine it have never been heard from again.

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