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Material Characteristics

A silvery-grey metal, heavy but extremely soft and malleable to the point that it is easily shaped by hand.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Aetherium is useless as anything but decoration in it's normal state, and not even that in most cases. However when exposed to a sufficiently dense amount of mana it undergoes a dramatic transformation. Most visibly it begins to glow a pale white and effervesce slightly, giving it an almost dreamlike quality. The Aetherium also hardens dramatically, becoming harder than steel but retaining it's toughness. The Aetherium also becomes warm to the touch, although not uncomfortably so.


Although attempts have been made, thus far Aetherium refuses to alloy with any other metal.

Geology & Geography

This material can be found in highest densities in proximity to the site of The Shimmering, it is abundant throughout The Splintered Coast and Yrrim. It occurs naturally with other metals in small quantities frequently but rarely in deposits of it's own.

Origin & Source

Although Aetherium could be found prior to The Shimmering and found applications in a number of artifacts from the old Arkland Empire, it is significantly more common since. This would suggest that most of the Aetherium found in recent times is in some way a byproduct of The Shimmering.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Aetherium is for the most part useless to the average person, however enchanters value it highly as a base material specifically for its properties when exposed to mana, which are unknown to most. When used as the base for an enchanted weapon it performs better than steel, however more creative applications have been documented. Most commonly however Aetherium is utilised as a means to improve the function of an otherwise simple magic item, such as a Driftglobe which sheds brighter light when made with Aetherium.


Trade & Market

As an item of niche usage Aetherium is rarely traded in large quantities like other metals but rather more like gold, although at lower value given it is usually a byproduct of mining other metals.
Melting / Freezing Point
Melts at common forge temperatures.
Common State

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