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Welcome to the Wild Continent

An ancient continent, ancestral home of Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings. In a time long past, these Founding Races came together and built a magnificent Empire - the Akran Imperium. Together, the four races colonized the continent, inflicting peace, prosperity, and 'progress' on the wild lands.   If only the Founding Races were content with mastery over the material world. In an age, now long past, at the very height of the Imperium, arcane magisters, holy archons, and alchemic geniuses came together to pierce the very veil of fate, committing a carnal sin against reality itself. The backlash spread darkness and evil across the Imperium, and inflicted great and terrible potential - the Spark - upon certain individuals. These figures tore the world asunder with their power - those few that could fled to the west, to the Sovereign Isles.   In the Sovereign Isles, the Founding Races were safe from the predations of the Spark, so long as any who were found with that potential were... disposed of quickly enough. Since the fall of Akran, so long ago, knowledge of Akratia was lost, the continent itself faded into legend and its location relegated to only the most enigmatic legendariums.   However, it is a time of change in the Sovereign Isles. Sparks have become more common in the aging state. Summary execution seems to have done more to increase their emergence and the Pentarchy has struggled to find and dispose of them before they begin to gather a following. In a bid of desperation, the Sovereign Isles commissioned explorers to set out and relocate ancient Akratia, seeking a place to exile these disruptive forces.   They succeeded. Akratia, the Mythic Homeland, the Lost Continent was found, reduced to a wild state. Now, those found with the Spark are given a choice - summary execution or exile to Akratia's Edge (known by its residents simply as the Edge) to wield their potential where they cannot threaten sovereign society.  

You are a Spark, cursed with great potential and thus you are exiled...
— ritual condemnation uttered by a priest of the Pentarchy

Playing in Akratia

Akratia is a West Marches style Hexcrawl, in which each person plays a character (a Spark). In a session, a group of Sparks band together to venture forth from the Edge into the wilderness of Akratia to delve dungeons, fight monsters, and loot incredible treasure.   The end of each adventure will see your Spark returning to a safe haven, where they will rest and prepare for their next outing. Over time, a Spark will become powerful and able to change the very face of Akratia... should they survive that long. Adventuring in Akratia poses risks to limb, body, mind and sanity as even the most powerful Spark walks the knife's edge of life and death.   But Sparks are not alone in their exile. Those normal folk wishing to leave the Sovereign Isles for good, or exiled for crimes unworthy of execution reside in Akratia's Edge with you. Along with managing the businesses and Services of Akratia's Edge, they can also be recruited as Followers to aid in your expeditions.

How to Begin

First, create a WorldAnvil account if you don't have one and follow Akratia. You'll be added to a special list to see all the secret world information. Then, you'll need to create a character, so head over here next: Creating a Spark. Once you have a character, send an email to [email protected] to be added to a list of people interested in playing the game. From there, whenever three to five (at most) people decide they want to play, they will decide a day and time, let the GM know and proceed from there.

Art Inspirations

The landscape of Akratia is heavily influenced by the Hudson River School, especially those vistas of nature completely and utterly dwarfing those men and women that seek to stand against it. In particular, these artists form the core of Akratia's imagery:
Frederic Edwin Church
Thomas Cole
Albert Bierstadt

Musical Inspirations