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An ancient continent, ancestral home of Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings. In a time long past, these Founding Races came together and built a magnificent Empire - the Akran Imperium. Together, the four races conquered the entire continent, bringing peace and prosperity by force to the wild lands.


Peace and prosperity... if only the Founding Races were content with such things. A thousand years ago, at the very height of the Imperium, arcane magisters, holy archons, and alchemic geniuses came together to pierce the very veil of fate, committing a carnal sin against reality itself. The backlash spread darkness and evil across the Imperium, inflicted great and terrible potential - the Spark - upon certain individuals, and those few that could fled to the west, to the Sovereign Isles.


Its been a thousand years, and since the fall of Akran and in that time, knowledge of Akratia was lost, faded into legend, and only in the most recent years was rediscovered. Now, those found with the Spark are given a choice - summary execution or exile to Akratia's Edge (known by its residents simply as the Edge) to wield their potential where they cannot endanger society.


You are a Spark, cursed with great potential. How will you utilize your great powers?