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The Crow's Foot

A tavern renowned for it's famous 'Alihop Ale', the Crow's Feet is a perfect example of interesting naming and an equally eccentric owner combined. Famed far and wide, it is one of the most interesting places in Valohal.

Purpose / Function

The Crow's Feet was erected in the year 976 as a tavern for travellers, although has since been changed to accommodate for anyone and everyone. It still serves its purpose of being both a place for people to eat and rink as well as offering rooms for people to occupy on their travels.


Each room is large in space and has a rug on each wooden floor. The rug, depending on the room, is different in colour. As such, each room gives off a different feel and can change the mood of whoever walks in straight away. The walls are painted a plain white and decorated with things that match the rugs, such as plants, tapestries, paintings and interesting trinkets the owner found on his travels. As such, each room is perfectly balanced to an aesthetic carefully curated by the keeper. The rooms are also square in shape, save for where the bar sits, in where the room is rectangular to allow for more people to take up the space.


Each room has one door that is used as an exit and entry, and the front door to the tavern is much the same. They are a sturdy oak wood with a small crescent moon shaped window made of stained glass in each. The oak doors have panelling, giving them a whimsical look. The windows are similar to those in the doors, although they are fully circular in shape and lack the stained glass pattern of the crescent moon windows.

Sensory & Appearance

The tavern has an oak-like smell mixed with a tinge of the salty sea spray and a vague hint of milk and honey. The aroma of the tavern is sporadic and largely depends on the food being served on the particular day, although despite this, it usually has the woody smell of a damp forest and a surprisingly nice hint of caramel. There is always a bard playing the lute or someone dancing away to a tinny tune in the corner, and with a band that shows up every salvain (weekend), music is as random as the scents. There's also a relaxing lighting from the lanterns strung from the ceiling and the large wooden chandelier hanging over the centre room. There's also the fireplace always roaring and crackling over to the left side of the centre room, making the building both warm and relaxing for those who enter.


The owner and his daughter live on the premises and can be seen cleaning, making drinks or preparing rooms and tables for those visiting. Aluna, a local bard, is also seen frequenting the place for a drink of ale. She carries her pet toad and her lute with her. Another friendly and familiar face is that of Ralph, a dragon tamer from Dentroi. He is usually hidden away at a back table playing a game of Humvar with the owner's daughter. If not playing his game, Ralph is usually milling around with a pint of ale and a blanket or two to pass to those who look as if they need them.

Contents & Furnishings

There are six rooms that people can rent out in the Crow's Feet, along with the main room. The main room has many wooden tables, each with four or six cushioned chairs sat around it. The table is usually laid with place mats of a grass-like materials and cutlery made of polished bone. There's also the bar, behind it being cabinets of interesting drinks and various bubbling potions. Beside those, trinkets hang from the walls. These include horns, weapons and various instruments from around the world.    In room one, which many travellers dub 'Ocean Room', there's a soft blue rug and a painting of the ocean hung skewed upon the wall. The wooden furniture is covered with striped blankets and many layers of plush furs. Shells line the window ledge and a small, rusted anchor sits in the left corner of the room.    In room two, dubbed 'Red Room', a red rug covers the floor, and the bed is a rusty oak colour covered with red blankets and a bear fur. The window ledge lacks decoration, save for a small crab shell and a strange red crystal. The painting has since fell to the floor and depicts a large white wolf with gleaming red eyes.    The third room is considered the most popular as is usually taken first. It's called the 'Flower Room' and for a good reason to. A large plush rug sits on the floor and is a cream colour. There's a dirt stain on it that no one seems to mind. The painting is a large garden with a small lake, detailed perfectly. On the window ledge sit many pots with intriguing and interesting plants from all corners of the world.    The fourth room is plain and unassuming until one looks closer. Crystals line the window ledge and a tapestry of an odd design hangs from the wall across from the bed. A desk in the corner is a unique object in this room and has a dusty, empty tome in the drawer. Underneath is a boring silver key that no one has bothered to touch as it seemingly opens nothing.   Room five is a royal looking room and is usually reserved for those with a little more money to spare. The bed is shrouded by silk curtains and is layered with cushions and pillows as well as lavish blankets and furs. The animal rug gives an interesting vibe to the room along with the painting of a palace garden and the tapestry beside it of a poem only known by nobles. On the window ledge, a box with crystals sits alongside a small book and the skull of a large corvid like bird.    Finally, room six is a bright and vivid hue of greens. The rug looks rather like grass and has small flowers sprouting from it, seemingly like magic. The paintings and tapestries depict lavish gardens and exspansive forests hiding secrets. The window ledge has space for plants and hanging ivy which trails up the wall toward the ceiling.


In most rooms, expensive paintings and intriguing crystals exist. No one knows why they haven't been stolen, but people assume it's due to some magic the keeper has hidden up his sleeves. Other treasures include precious bottles (they're empty) and a rather confusing looking painting in the main room. No one knows why it hangs in such a weird space or why it looks the way it does, but then again, the keeper is a little odd.

Hazards & Traps

There tends to be the occasional trip hazard in the form of a pet someone brought along or a bag or two not put under tables. There also seems to be that strange lever on the back wall that activates something or other. No one ever asks.

Special Properties

The rooms of the tavern are bog standard, except for the one with the desk. There's something about it that gives people and odd feeling when they stay in there, yet no one has figured out what it is yet.


The Crow's Feet has since had a large change. It was ecxended to allow for extra rooms to be erected around the back. It's sign was also updated with a fresh coat of paint and a shiny golden nugget in the eye of the crow.


The building is plain and unassuming on the outside, with the exterior being that of thatching and simplistic design. The exterior walls are white with boarded planks that offer extra support. These are a simple oak wood, some with knots and rings to add a unique flair to the overall construction. The roof, simplistic in its thatching, doesn't have much going for it. Inside, the wooden tables and chairs are carefully decorated, as is each bedroom. Despite its looks lacking, it is a cozy and interesting place to curl up for a night or two, or maybe just for a drink.


When it was first built, the Crow's Feet was considered to be one of the quietest and boring places, but when it's owner created the best beverage the city had drank in a while, it was soon considered as the new hot tavern to go to.


The Crow's Feet sees its fair share of interesting people trek through it. From travellers, to dragon trainers and magicians and even an occasional noble, the Crow's Feet is far from boring when it comes to travellers. Due to it's central location within the city and it's cheap prices, people often see it as the perfect place as a base when they're on a holiday or a perfect place to pass through whilst on a long trek. The tourists and travellers usually appreciate the meals and drinks given to them by the kind owner and his daughter.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Environmental Effects
There seems to be a magical aura of cheerfulness surrounding the place.

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