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Vermont Penzance | Member Since 15 Feb, 2018
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Who Am I?

Your average writer. Christian, Asexual. They/Them. I like writing but I don't do it often.

My Worlds

Ahalansdir is a fantasy version of Earth from my story Golden Veins; Blood Runs Cold. Found on the other side of a portal in a well, it is known that those who go through the portal see a different side of themselves and change entirely when they get back. Iragadi is the normal Earth in my story Golden Veins. It's home to superheroes and fantasy monsters who found their way through well portals, too. it's messy but many people call it home. Nahangu is an alien planet and third portal realm founded by Selestina.

About Me

Learning BR Portuguese, intermediate at Spanish. Knows a lot about random things. Occasionally writes fanfic. Disney lover and awkward.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, drawing, watching rain, creating maps, lots of other stuff.

Favorite Movies

Lion King

Favorite Books

Harry Potter, Vampire Academy and Magyk Series

Favorite Writers

I dunno

Favorite Games

Professor Layton, Smash Bros, Mario Games.


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