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Kingdom of Visarra

Visarra is a nation of just over 100 years old. It is comprised of the territory formerly belonging to the Barroth Dynasty and the western edge of the The Crimson Expanse. On the Day of Storms, the Blue Dragon, Visuhar, fought and killed the nation's protector, the Ancient Gold Dragon, Barroth. He murdered the male descendants of Barroth, and the female descendants as concubines. The Blue Half-Dragons born from these women, became The Dragon Lords, the new nobility ruling the realm.   Visarra is located in the south west of the continent, just south of the deadly Scourge's End and west of the Crimson Expanse. While hills are dotted across the northern part of the continent, the area surrounding the capital of Karahai sport an incredibly fertile soil. In the center of the nation is the continent's largest body of fresh water, the Shenlaan Lake.   King Visuhar has been missing for the past 5 years, leaving his eldest son, Visuko, in charge.


  • Map of Dulttang
Geopolitical, Kingdom

Non-aggression Pact

The Undead forces of Olomorn assisted Visuhar on the conquest of Karahai

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