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A dark shadow has fallen over the world of Agos, spreading its tendrils throughout the world.   The Empire of Man has fallen, brought to it's knees by a seemingly endless army of the undead. Two powerful Liches rose to power in the aftermath. In the south, the ancient guardian Barroth had been defeated by a rival, a blue dragon named Visuhar. The blue dragon seized the nation and gave it the name it now bears: Visarra.   Now Visuhar and his half-dragon progeny, The Dragonlords, rule over their ill-gotten kingdom, now embroiled in civil war since the disappearance of King Visuhar. In the north a horde of barbarians from all walks of life, led by the fearless warriors of the Ruinwake, raid both the living and the dead alike. The Elves, once safe in the subcontinent of Isnadorei found themselves driven out of their ancestral homeland by the World Wound, a place where the Outer Planes bleed into the Prime Material Plane.   Despite this encroaching darkness, a faint hope remains throughout the world. For 200 years the Dwarves of Mog Buldar and The Kingdom of Laccovia have lived in peace with one another, an allied defense effort keeping the nations safe from the undead threat. In the east, the Free Cities created the United Forces in their own struggle against the undead. The powerful Kingdom of Draconia has continued to flourish for nearly 300 years, erecting three new sky islands in the past century.   Can the world of Agos be rescued from this pandemic of evil, or has a new era begun, ending this Age of Mortals?