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Humans are the only the most widespread and common of races in Aethea.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Humans reproduce my mating. The human male impregnates the female who will then carry the baby in her womb for 9 months before giving birth. Usually there is a single baby at the time however twins and even triplets have been birthed successfully.

Growth Rate & Stages

From birth humans are in a stage of infancy for 2 years. At this stage the infant is highly depending on their mother, breast feeding for most of this stage but also for protection as they develop their motor skills. Childhood lasts approximately ten years and the child develops at a rapid rate, depending less on their parents as they learn to walk, talk, read and write. At the age of twelve a human the child is now considered a young adult and will begin preparation for their coming of age. Humans reach old age beginning around 60 years of age but some have survived much longer if they have lived an active healthy lifestyle, and not been killed in battle.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans have learned to adapt to their environment and can survive in the harshest of climates. From the cold winterlands of Nordia to the burning sands of the Ashari Desert humans are capable of finding a way to live and prosper.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Humans are omnivores and capable of digesting most foods however as civilisation has developed, so has the human palette. Humans have a preference towards cooked meats, and have mastered the art of animal husbandry. They have also mastered agriculture on a wide scale, using irrigation to create affect allowing a wide variety of crops to be grown in farmlands not on floodplains. Humans also have great trade networks, allowing food to be imported far and wide around Aethea.

60-70 years
Average Height
5 - 6 feet
Average Weight
120 - 270 lbs

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