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The Aldan Barrier

After the destruction of Alda, there was still a large portion of land left, however, it was now in ruins and uninhabitable. In an attempt to preserve some Aldan culture, his home culture, he decided not to completely obliterate what remained. Instead, he cloaked the remaining islands in an invisibility field using the Arvalis. He then made a "key" of sorts that could be used to cross through the barrier. The forcefield barrier is simply just made of Arvalis energy, not only does it make Alda invisible and inaccessible, but it also causes ships to steer away from it. Without the Key, a ship nearing the barrier would go off course and not be able to come near.


The Aldan Barrier hides the remnants of Alda from view. In essence it makes it completely invisible.

Side/Secondary Effects

If someone approaches where the Aldan Barrier is while sailing on the ocean and they do not possess the Key of Alda, they will merely keep sailing as if nothing is there, just open waters.


The Aldan Barrier is completely invisible to the human eye, and cannot be touched either. Anything inside the Barrier becomes invisible as well. When it was made, the barrier covered the entire remnant of Alda in a dome-like ball, until it hit the surface of the water, and the continued straight down until it hit the ocean floor.


Its source it the power of the Arvalis. Only a Keeper weilding the Arvalis can undo this, and only one holding the Key of Alda may pass through the barrier and gain access to Alda and it's ruins/technology.

The range of the Aldan Barrier covers the entire region of remaining continent and islands of Alda.
Only a Keeper may do this or undo it.

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