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Sahleed Pass

Arc and two others travel through the Sahleed Pass in order to reach a small fishing village, from there they can take a small skiff to an outlying ship headed to Foxwood. While travelling through the Pass Arc encounters a dangerous monster warned about by Sandred locals. After defeating this monster Arc continues on to the small fishing village.


The Sahleed Pass is a section of the semi-arid Sahleed Desert. The area is quite hilly and littered with cacti, sagebrush, and other smaller shrubs. The Pass itself follows a trodden road along the topside of a large hill with valleys and coulees on either side. Monsters are present within the pass but are the most active in the night, therefore many travelers prefer to pass through during the day when they are more dormant.
Alternative Name(s)
The Sahleed Desert Road, The Southern Sahleed Pass

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