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River Quill

Basic Information


River Quill have been known to grow anywhere from 3 ft long and weighing 15 Lbs, to 18.5 ft long and 112 Lbs making them one of the largest river fish in the northern hemisphere. They have a two-part bony exterior covering the front half the fish and around its head, which has an impact on its slower speed but giving it very tough armor. River Quill have been known to be very aggressive towards other fish and even humans, especially when threatened or when their space is invaded.

Dietary Needs and Habits

River Quill are carnivorous, feeding on smaller fish and river rodents.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

River Quill have an amazing sense of smell. Able to smell other fish and predators from over 100 ft down the river, however their sight is limited to around a maximum of about 10 ft.

Scientific Name
Conservation Status
River Quill fish are illegal to catch unless you are part of a local Fisher's Guild. Even experienced fishermen have a hard time catching River Quill due to their violent nature.

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