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Fishing Village of Gadira

Arc must travel to Foxwood to in order to retrieve a flower used for an antidote to cure Cara. He’s told that a ship traveling to Foxwood would already have left from Kazka but he might catch up to it in Gadira. Arc arrives in Gadira after traversing the Sahleed Pass. Here he meets the nomadic fishermen of Gadira and they take him to the ship via a small fishing skiff.


a. Gadira is a small fishing village on the northern coast of east of Kazka. This quaint settlement is not often visited by people outside of the area. Gadira is not a trade village or a regular stop for merchants, rather the fisherman living there fish to provide for the village only. The people living there settled in the remains of what used to be a larger town in ancient days, and only a few sandstone buildings remain. The people live mostly in tents and yurts. There are 3 crudely crafted docks that extend out into the water.

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