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Coastal City of Beryn

The party arrives in Beryn and are finally getting close to Silverspire. From Beryn the party must travel down the (need name) River to Lake Skye where Silverspire is. When the party first arrives in Beryn they are overwhelmed by all the commotion and busyness of the pier. After some sight-seeing and visiting the shops, they rent a small riverboat from a transport company and start their way down the Jekirio River.


Beryn is a famous port city along the western coast of Selenica. Being a coastal city, Beryn attracts all kinds of people from around the world making it a cultural center of sorts. A large portion of this city is built on a small-city sized circular pier that juts out onto the water, and the “pier” is surrounded by ports for receiving trade ships. Within the pier portion of the city, there are massive trade markets with a large open plaza at the center. At the center of the plaza there is a large spire built to house Beryn’s Torch, a large fire that lights up the plaza and surrounding areas at night. The Pier connects to the mainland via a wide stone bridge, and the rest of the city (most of the residential) is built on the slopes of the surrounding hillsides.


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