Marshes, bogs and swamps dominate the province of Fenholdt. A miserable place to travel through, inhabited by a dour and miserable people in turn.


Bordered by the Shield Mountains to the north, Fenholdt is crisscrossed by slow-moving, sluggish rivers, their off-shoots turning the land into a mire of wetlands and swamps. To the west, the Aethyrian Sea provides for plenty of fish and trade for the small communities nestling along the shore.

Natural Resources

Fenholdt holds little land usable for farming, but the marshes provide the people with plenty of bog-iron, a resource sorely demanded in the Clipeum Provinces. Though the timber of the marshes is of poor quality, it nevertheless provides the inhabitants well enough and the riches of herbs and plants provide the country with valuable medicinal resources.

Wetland / Swamp
Location under
Clipeum Provinces
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
Fenholdt Fiefdoms


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