Long, flat plains, covered in thick vegetation.


Oftentimes called the Grass Sea, Celadorn appears as a serene plain, with vast tracts of land covered in gently swaying grasses.
To the west, the Marshdeep Gorge marks the border to Staehl and the Forest Wall of Enlans making the rest. To the north, the change from the grass plains to the snowy widths of Bryte marks the border.

Fauna & Flora

While the wide grassy sea makes Celadorn seem tranquil, the emerald depths hides as much life as the sea does.
And just as many predators.
Most famously, the Bulette, or "Land Shark", stalks the land. Though preferring to feast on the fat herds of cattle the Celadorans guide through their lands, they are never scared of taking a cowboy with them.

Natural Resources

The Grass Sea provides plenty of nourishment for large herds of oxen and near the cities, providing milk, leather, and meat.

Alternative Name(s)
The Grass Sea
Location under
Clipeum Provinces
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
Celadorn Principality


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