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Magic in Aeleon

Psionics and Other Magics

Psionic abilities, and other alternative magical systems outside of the base arcane and divine magical concepts do not exist on Aeleon. This is a natural result of the environment of the world and weave of magics woven by the original gods who emigrated to this world.   Those with such abilities or who practice such alternate magic systems who find themselves arriving on Aeleon find that their abilities no longer function. They must adapt to the native magics of this world.   Rules Notes As a result, races, classes and abilities from various rules sets which depend on this concept need to be re-written or omitted in order to be used in this campaign world. Some examples of this include races such as the Illithid and Duergar and domains such as the cleric's mind domain, must all be altered. Alternative magic systems and variations such as wild magic, pact magic, primal magic, rune magic and other similar alternative also do not operate on Aeleon.

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