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When the gods made their elemental avatars, following Hirta's example with The Three Families, the Selene, Asuna, Cutrus and Xena went together to the Queen of the Fae and requested that she take on a bit of their powers and become The Spirit Elemental. The queen agreed, and the gods used her staff as a focus and enhancement of the powers they granted her, allowing her to further channel the magic of the fae wilds, and help the other elementals control their own abilities.

The staff can change shape at the wielder's request, taking on the shape of innumeral objects.

The staff vanished during the reign of Fae Queen Nighshade Birdbriar. Portraits and other documentation of the addition of Estraenwerry's Shadow school show the fae queen with the staff, however, her successor was never seen with it.

According to documents left by Geti, he was requested to hide the staff, cutting the connection of the Spirit elemental with the other elementals.

Geti hid the staff among his other belongings, and upon his death all the times reverted to his friend, and teacher Abraxas Aften. The staff remained hidden in his belongings until the year 666 when Fate intervened and pointed out the need for the staff.

It is said that when the staff returns to the hand of the fae queen and spirit elemental, that the Elemental's will join forces once more and be able to complete the job of protecting Milleadh.

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1: The Spear of Selune

In this state the staff appears as a spear, capable of being used telekenetically by the wielder up to 80 feet. The spear is capable of doing 2d10 piercing damage and an additional 1d6 force damage when used in this manner.

2: Guardian of the Seven

Using a bonus action, Dreambinder transforms into a large red bear. It shares the wielder's turn in combat, but takes it turn directly after the wielder. The bear can move and operate on it's own, but the only action it can take on its own is the dodge action, unless the wielder uses it's bonus action to command it to take the mutiattack acttion.

Multiattack The guardian makes two unarmed strikes using your spell attack modifier as the bonus to hit. 1d12 damage per successful strike.

3: Serpents of Stone

Dreambinder transforms into a spear with two snake heads. After making an attack with this weapon, the target must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw. On Failure the target is petrified for 1d8 hours. This can be ended with a lesser restoration spell or similar magic. If the target succeds on the saving through, it is immune to petrification for 24 hours. Dreambinder immediately reverts to the shape of the Spear of Selune.

4: Sun and Shadow

Using a bonus action, Dreambinder plants itself into the ground, blooming into a massive fae flower. The flower blooms shooting 5 bright beams of sunlight into 10 foot cubes centered on points you can see within 30 feet of you. A creature in the sunlight must make a DC 17 dex throw. On a failure the creature takes 4d12 radiant damage and is blinded until the next turn. If they are successful, they take half damage and are not blinded.

Alternatively the flower can also provide 10 feet of shadow, under the flowers peatles. Any creatures under the peatles of the flower are shrowded in darkness from their enemies, but are able to see to make ranged attackes as normal, while imposing disadvantage on any ranged attack made at them. Dreambinder immediately reverts to first configuration.

5: Spectral Blades

Dreambinder breaks into enough small translucent blades to fill a 20 foot cube centered on a point the weilder can see within 30 feet. Upon entering the cube for the first time a creature must succeed on a DC 17 saving through or take 10d6 slashing damage, half as much on a successful save. On each subsequent turn a bonus action may be used to move the cube up to 30 feet in any direction. This configuration requires concentration to keep up, and will revert to Dreambinders first form if concentration is lost.

6: Pillow Fort

As a bonus action you transform Dreambinder into a large spectral misty pillow that protects you. You gain a +2 bonus to AC. Dreambinder reverts back to its first configuration when you lose concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell), or you change Dreambinders's configuration.

7: Light the way

As a bonus action you transform Dreambinder into a small, ringed sphere that produces a bright light akin to the light cantrip. While in this form, Dreambinder produces bright light in a 60 foot radius. Dreambinder reverts back to its first configuration when you lose concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell), or you change Dreambinders's configuration.

8: Spirit Shield

As a bonus action transform Dreambinder into a large barrier in the form of a 20 foot-radius sphere. You select up to six creatures within the sphere to be affected by it. An affected creature gains the following benefits when within the sphere:

  • The affected creatures gain resistance to all damage.
  • The affected creatures regain 4d12 hit points at the beginning of their turn.
  • Dreambinder reverts back to its first configuration at the beginning of your next turn, or when you lose concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell).

    9: MoonRose

    Dreambinder plants itself in the ground growing a single tendril which blooms into a giant, pale moonrose. Despite your number of charges you can only use this ability twice before the next dawn.

  • Droplet of Life. A droplet from the Moon Rose is shown to heal even the most grievous of wounds. A surge of positive energy washes through a creature, causing it to regain 70 hit points. This ability also ends blindness, deafness, and any diseases or poison affecting the target. Additionally, the target regains any severed body part it may have lost in the past.
  • 10: Death Thorn

    Dreambinder unbinds itself into a myriad of dark thorny vines, piercing through anything chosen. Even the slightest cut seems to result in death. The ivy is traditionally extracted from within a sunflower that grows among the highest branches of the Sacred Tree. Choose any targets within a 60 foot radius of Dreambinder, make a melee spell attack against the targets, you create five 60 foot long vine-like whips covered in thorns that lashes out at your command toward the creatures in range. If the attack hits, the creatures take 10d12 piercing damage and 4d8 force damage and are pushed back 5 feet on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one and remain where they are standing.

    Sacred Treasure Release.

    As an action you speak the command words Sacred Treasure Release. Choose one of the following options to gain its benefit:
  • You use the Guardian of the Seven. The guardian gains an additional 150 hit points.
  • You use the Serpents of Stone. The time of the petrified condition increases to Indefinitely
  • You use the fourth Sun and Shadow. This configuration deals an additional 4d12 radiant damage.
  • You use the Spectectral Blades. This configuration deals an additional 5d6 slashing damage.
  • You use the Pillow Fort. The AC bonus increases to +3.
  • You use the Light the Way. This configuration's radius increases to 80 feet.
  • You use the Spirit Shield. This configuration heals an additional 4d12 hit points.
  • You use the MoonRoose. This configuration heals an additional 70 hit points.
  • You see the Death Thorn. This configuration deals and extra 10d12 damage.
  • Using Dreambinder in this way takes a heavy tool on the weilder. Each time "sacred treasure release" is used the weilder must make a DC 15 saving throw. As one becomes more familiar with the staff and it's abilities the DC will lower allowing the user to release more of the sacred treasure of the Fae Wilds and Spirit Elemental.

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