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Water Elemental Geti

Grand Wizard. Lived from 151 - 573.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Geti was born in the Fae Dominion, in the city of Sestone .  Growing up as many in the Fey Dominion do Geti was raised to feel that those of Fae decent were of a higher standard than those of non-fae or elven blood.  During his early years, it became quickly apparent that Geti was a special individual with an unnatural aptitude for water-based magic.    Through much financial struggle on the side of his parents, Geti got the best education they could muster for him, and eventually, he was able to earn a scholarship to the prestigious Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane.


Contacts & Relations

Became acquaintances with Abraxas Aften, after being introduced through the Archfae Nymphador during a trip to the Fae Wild.  Geti and Abraxas spent time together working on expanding each other's understanding of magic on Milleadh and how it differed from the magic Abraxas was used to on For Storia. Abraxas helped expand Geti's knowledge of various types of magic and helped him reach the level of Grand Wizard in 250, much sooner than he would have on his own.   As Geti's power and notoriety increased, he began to take on apprentices of his own and eventually took on Lili as an apprentice.  Around this time Geti realized that one of the problems faced by many with his gifts was the inability to train other individuals.  Geti found a damaged Warforged and began to fix him up and turn him into a vessel capable of holding the soul and powers of an Elemental, to help protect the world from the fate of Passen.  Lili and Geti worked tirelessly on the Warforged, and on Lili's training.  Lili, eventually felt that he learned all that Geti could, or would, teach him and demanded more knowledge.  Geti not, one to be pushed around refused Lili, and as a result, Lili killed Geti in an attempt to steal his powers and take what he sought.  This proved to no avail, and Geti's magic was lost to Lili.

Social Aptitude

Growing up as an Elf, Geti was training in Elven etiquette and manners and was careful about all of his social graces.  Geti was aware of the social prejudices against those in the Iron Empire, and while he did not share those particular views, did feel that those of non-elven blood were treated unfairly by many Elves and Fae in Dorthone.

Wealth & Financial state

Geti lived a modest life, living mainly on the road in pocket dimensions that he cast as necessary.  This was extremely beneficial during his frequent trips between the planes of the Fae Wild and Milleadh.
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Grand wizard of Baypool and Dorthone.
Ambassador to the Fae Court
Water Elemental
151 574 423 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Lili
Other Affiliations

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