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Goddess of Elves; Winter Queen, Lady of Darkness

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Xena is a powerful goddess worshipped by many across the land of For Storia. Her origins are shrouded in mystery, but she is widely believed to have emerged from the natural world itself, possessing an innate connection to the earth and all its living beings. Her followers see her as a goddess of both creation and destruction, embodying the cycles of birth and death that shape the world around them.

Despite her formidable power, Xena is known for her compassion and her close relationship with mortals. She is revered as a protector of the weak and vulnerable, and many look to her for guidance and comfort in times of hardship. Her followers often describe her as a nurturing mother figure, but she is also known for her fierce and unyielding nature when confronting those who threaten the balance of the natural world.

Xena's domain is vast and encompasses many aspects of nature. She is often associated with the cycles of the seasons, the growth and decay of plants and animals, and the ebb and flow of natural energy. Her influence can be seen in everything from the tiniest seedling to the mightiest mountain, and her power is said to be strongest in places where the natural world is allowed to flourish unencumbered by the meddling of mortals.

Which organization do you belong to?
  • Darkness
  • Shadows
  • Tempest
  • Trickery
Current Location
Winter's Nest

Despite her worshippers' devotion, Xena is not without her detractors. Some view her as a capricious and unpredictable deity, prone to fits of anger and destruction that can leave entire villages in ruin. Others fear her connection to the darker aspects of nature, such as disease and decay, and worry that her influence could tip the delicate balance of the natural world too far in one direction. Nevertheless, her power and influence continue to be felt across the land, and her followers remain steadfast in their devotion to the powerful goddess of nature.


Xena is often depicted as a lithe and alluring figure with icy blue skin and a long, flowing mane of midnight black hair that seems to writhe of its own accord. Her piercing red eyes seem to glow with an inner fire when she is angered. She is said to wear a flowing gown spun of the finest spider silk, with rings of spider silk adorning each finger, each one containing a tiny writhing spider that seems to be part of her very being. Ancient texts speak of her ability to lull even the bravest warrior into a false sense of security with her wry smile and the laughter of a thousand glass bells tinkling.

Never far from the Goddess is her trusty spider, Punga. A massive arachnid with legs as thick as tree trunks and fangs as long as daggers. The spider has been said to do Xena's bidding without hesitation, apparently being able to listen and comprehend every word the dark goddess says.



During the Sundering Xena discovered that Shotia was attempting to conduct a dark ritual provided by Iharis, to weaken and control the other gods. After attempting to infiltrate his lair and thwart his plan, Shotia attached her, pinning her to cliffs on For Storia.

Long ago, in a time when the gods walked the earth and their power was still felt by mortals, there was a conflict between two powerful deities, Shotia and Xena. Shotia, with his domains of undeath and obscurantism, had allied himself with the renegade god Iharis, who sought to weaken and control the other gods through dark rituals.

Xena, a goddess with a fierce spirit and a deep love for her people, had uncovered Shotia's plan and was determined to stop him. She sent her spiders to infiltrate Shotia's lair, gathering information and waiting for the right moment to strike.

But Shotia was cunning and powerful, and he sensed Xena's presence. He attacked her, pinning her to the cliffs where the city of Crimsons Bluffs now stands. There, he wounded her so severely that her blood stained the rocks, and for centuries to come, the people of the city would remember her sacrifice.

Xena did not give up, however. Even as she lay wounded, she continued to fight against Shotia's plan. And in the end, she was freed by an unlikely ally: a mortal woman who had been touched by the goddess's power and who was willing to risk everything to help her.

Together, Xena and the mortal woman defeated Shotia and thwarted Iharis's plan. The renegade god was imprisoned in his cage, and the conflict between Shotia and Xena came to an end. But the memory of their struggle remained, a testament to the courage and determination of one goddess and the power of her love for her people.

Holy Day

Xena's holy day is called Liberation Day. As it marks the day that she freed herself from the Cliffs and was successful in foiling Shotia's plan and dark ritual. The day is marked by feasts, offering,s and ceremonies in honor of Xena and her bravery in the face of danger.


  • Embrace the darkness within you, for it is the wellspring of your power.
  • Use your wits and cunning to outsmart your foes, for victory is sweeter when it is hard won.
  • Be true to yourself and your calling, for you are the chosen of Xena, the Lady of Darkness.
  • Protect the secrets of your kin, for they are your strength and your salvation.
  • Treat all creatures with respect, for they are reflections of the divine.
  • Liberation Day

    For Storia Calendar
    Darrst 13
    Milleadh Calendar
    Cyna 6

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