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King of the Woods and Guardian of Spring, Beauty and the Arts

An ancient God revered by all who love the natural world, Cutrus, King of the woods and guardian of Spring, Beauty and the Arts is a symbol of strength, power, grace, compassion, balance and harmony. He stands as an unwavering protector of the wilds, ensuring that I kept the forests and all the creatures who call them home safe. He stands firmly against those who seek to disrupt the natural order. Known throughout Aegimius for his benevolence, he stands guard over the land, ever vigilant to protect and preserve the beauty and life of the natural world.

Art is the language of the soul, and music is its greatest symphony.
— Cutrus

There are those who believe that Cutrus brings the first red wood to For Storia from the Fae Realms, a gift to his friend Lanass. In a similar vein, he is thought to have been involved in the portal's creation of the Fae Realms in Dorthone as well.


Often depicted as a tall majestic figure with a lean muscular build, Cutrus is said to have long flowing hair with the colors of the autumn leaves, and piercing green eyes. Most images of him depict him with a crown of leaves, and carrying a staff that many claim is made from a branch of the World Tree.

In many schools of music, Cutrus is shown playing a lyre, and is said to have been birthed from the harmonies of the creation of Aegimius. Many claim that being in the presence of one of his temples, statues, or any place that worships him invokes the feelings of calmness and serenity.

Often, Cutrus is associated with a stag, and will be pictured with the head of one, or with a stag near him in the woods.



It is said that none despise Cutrus more than Oruer and his followers. To Oruer forests, and the beasts within, are nothing more than valuable sources of timber and materials for war. Stark contrast to the beliefs of Cutrus.

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Current Location
Emerald Kingdom
Sylvan Sanctuary

Day of the Verdant King

ForStoria Calendar
Formurst 16
Milleadh Calendar
Arul 52

As the gods fought, a battle between the Woods and the Merciless Beastmaster happened near the woods of red on Kino. The forests trembled as the armies clashed, and the sounds of their rage echoed throughout the land.

For many years they fought, neither could gain the upper hand. But then, in a moment of desperation, Cutrus called upon the aid of the spirits of the woodlands, calling forth a powerful magic that caused the trees to grow and entangle the forces of Oruer.

But the Merciless Beastmaster was not defeated so easily. He called upon his own dark powers, and with a savage cry, he transformed himself into a beast of pure fury. In that moment, the skies grew dark, and the very earth shook with his rage.

And so it was that Cutrus and Oruer battled for many more days, the King of the Woods calling forth the beauty and power of nature to defend himself, while the Merciless Beastmaster relied on his mastery of the savage beasts to overcome his foe.

In the end, neither could claim victory, and they parted ways, each knowing that the other was a worthy adversary. And so it is said that even the mightiest of gods can be humbled, and that even the smallest of creatures can have a profound impact on the world.


Holy Day

The first day of Spring is celebrated as the Day of the Verdant King in honor of Cutrus. Families, and sometimes even forest communities, hold feasts in honor of the Guardian of the Spring. Bards across the land are called upon to sing the balads of Cutrus and any other balads they know that celebrate the woods, famous artists, and even famous bards. Dance halls stay open longer then normal into the night as people celbrate the Verdant King, and all he stands for.

Bards who try to honor themselves are often looked down upon.


  • Create and inspire, using your creativity and talent to make the world a more beautiful and harmonious place.
  • Embrace music and use it to express yourself and connect with others.
  • Respect the beauty and power of nature, and work to protect it.
  • Be open-minded and tolerant of others, and work to create a world that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

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    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney


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