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The sun's light warms your face despite the cooling air of late autumn. Shielding your face with a raised hand, you check the road ahead. A passing cool breeze moves your cloak and ruffles your hair.
  The road ahead seems clear in the early morning light. A full day of walking lies ahead of you. Taking a brief moment, you inhale the scent of road dust and dry grass.
Now prepared, you take the first step forward and the gravel of the road crunches beneath your feet. the sound matches the feel of the dust on your skin. It would be so nice to finally get to a bath and a bed for the night. Oh, for a hot meal and a drink to wash it down with.
  Putting aside stray thoughts, you continue forward, boots crunching as you keep an eye on the surrounding environment for any danger. You have friends awaiting you in the city. You all have waited for long enough. Time to begin your new life as an adventurer. Aches, scars, hunger, near death experiences and so much more!