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Ol Wolf Piper

Ol' Wolf Piper | Member Since 16 Nov, 2022
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Hey, there! I am Ol' Wolf Piper. I joined in late 2022. this space, World Anvil, has been a great exploration for me and i am enjoying it. I have been wanting to create expansions and extropolations of some of my favorite games that are either online or no longer in print. I have been around for a few years ( I am 52, atm). It is quite the learning curve going from just jotting down notes for myself, to writing out and professionally categorizing my information into appropriate sets of information and then linking them. Please, feel free to leave comments and feedback!!

Interests & Hobbies

I also do Digital Art!

Favorite Movies

I don't have a "specific" favorite movie. I am into certain Genres. Sci-fi, both high and Low fantasy, and I LOVE the combinations of those genres!

Favorite Books

The Tolkien Series. "The Wheel of time" by Robert Jordan and Anderson.

Favorite Games

Rolemaster Standard Rules and Spacemaster:Privateers