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Xerak Crystals

Xerak Crystals are special crystals that form around the anchorpoints of the world. They pulse with magical energy, but once harvested they grow dormant. After harvesting, depending on which anchorpoint they stem from.


Material Characteristics

Xerak Crystals are rough crystals that are generally between fist size and the size of a forearm. The surface appears smooth, but is course to the touch. They are semi translucent and, depending on their origin, have different colours. These colours also directly define the properties of the crystal.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Red Xerak Crystals: These crystals contain a small pocket dimension in which energy can be stored. This can either be done by channelling one’s own magical energies into it, or embedding the crystal into a source of energy. While embedded in a source of energy it will drain that energy source until the crystal is full. An example for such an instance is that, when a red crystal is put into a furnace, it will absorb the heat of the furnace. In some cases the furnace may even cool enough to be turned off.   Blue Xerak Crystals: Blue crystals cannot hold any magic of their own, but each crystal can be adapted to a spell. It can then be used to enhance the magic of that spell by sucking the ambient magic out of the surrounding area and funnelling it into that certain spell.   Yellow Xerak Crystals: Time is, at least in theory, a relative thing. Yellow crystals let the flow of time be perceived, and even tweaked.   Green Xerak Crystals: When Adatia was cut off of from the multiverse, so to were all teleportation spells rendered inert. The green crystals distort space around them allowing teleportation spells and other space altering items such as bag of holdings to exist.   Black Xerak Crystals: When someone dies their soul is lifted from their body as it tries to leave the plane. Behind they leave residual energy with an imprint of their soul. This energy, containing the knowledge, personality and skills of that person can be imprinted into these black crystals to create uncharacteristically responsive and independent.   White Xerak Crystals: Magic is not a deterministic system. Sometimes even having an idea can destroy the potential. White crystal move the magical field in unforeseen ways, making the spells of even the most disciplined mages act erratically.

Geology & Geography

Red Xerak Crystals: Jungle of Kalimdore   Blue Xerak Crystals: Under the great tower of Nunenda   Yellow Xerak Crystals: Top of the highest peak in Imyalian   Green Xerak Crystals: The great sea of Heluin   Black Xerak Crystals: Northern edge of Helcrax   White Xerak Crystals: South western forest of Aidox

Life & Expiration

As a Crystal is used it becomes ever clearer, until it becomes completly transparent and fades from existance.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Red Crystals: For the Lizardfolk the red crystals are holy artifacts, given by the creators to keep the world in balance until the end of days.
1000g - 3000g

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