Church of the Bright Lord

The second biggest religion in Paradise but the most extravagant of the big three. They serve the supposed bright lord the antithesis to demon king, brought to this world to push back the endless war the demon king has sworn upon the Adamant. They value extravagance and power above all things. They have no beliefs in an after life nor a tale of the creation of the world they only have the goal of rallying the people of Paradise to leave the prison of a nation and venture forth to find the bright lord and bring assist her in bringing down the demon lord. As such they have amassed a large army and lots of provisions and weapons however they refuse to make a move until the grand hero of the bright lord is born. A paladin hero, the protector of the people and the herald of the bright lord: Astolfo Charlemagne.


They follow three leaders: Adrave, The grand general; Bredeve, The lord recruiter; Gradain, The Hero Hunter. They follow them in the hopes they will find the hero, raise an army and bring the members of the religion to their emperor: Nero Claudius, the bright lord.

Public Agenda

Find those who would leave this cage, train them to fight and bring about an end to the demon kings reign


They have grand cathedrals in every major city. They may not have the most members but they have the greatest funding by far and the greatest desire for extravagance. They have a hidden city hidden by a bounded field within the capital fields called rome. The second largest army in the country. A great treasury built by members of the faith, a treaty and trade route with the cloud, storm and fire giants. They are also allies with the fae and Titanians of silvanus woods.


The religion was founded at the creation of paradise. It created a rift within the people a rift that lead to the construction of two capitals: Rome and the capital. After a treaty with the Akkadian Order and an order from Akkadia that hostilities would be cancelled the conflict ended and the church made an agreement with Akkadia that the people of Adamant would forget about Rome and it would be concealed so they had a base of operations with which to build their army in peace.

Mythology & Lore

They believe the bright lord is the reincarnated form of the long dead emperor of roses: Nero Claudius. She was ressurected to destroy her old friend: Oda Nobunaga the demon lord of the sixth heaven and corrupted god of joy and chance. They believe they must ready themselves to travel outside and assist the demon lord. They are now waiting for the return of their hero Astolfo, when he arrives they believe he will take the position as ultimate leader of the faith and lead them to the bright lord to fight.   They follow the teachings of Jeanne D'Arc a saint who followed the Hero and served the bright lord.

Divine Origins

The religion was born as the survivors entered paradise. A group of them saw the resurrection of the bright lord. As they were escaping the demon lord attempted to stop them only to be prevented by the searing light of the Aestus Estus the first flame and sword of the bright lord.   The bright lord turned to the survivors and told them to run only leaving them with her name and the name of her foe before returning to the fight.

Cosmological Views

They have no specific beliefs on the cosmos and generally accept the facts given to them by scholars and mages.

Tenets of Faith

Build strength, the true fight is coming. We cannot fight amongst ourselves for a perversion of joy is at our doorstep and ready to tear us apart.


We must take care of and protect those around use for we will regret it if we don't when the war comes


You learn to fight and you prepare.


The soldiers are identified through golden, white or red armours/robes. The hero hunters are dressed in purple robes and the recruiters are dressed in plain white clothes with roses in their hair.

Political Influence & Intrigue

They have no political power. They are practically their own nation in all but name.



Raise the brightness of this endless night

Founding Date
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The bright lords army


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