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Teifling are slender, devilish humanoids. At least they resemble humanoids...Scholars don't all agree about their origin. Some say they were cursed, others claim they're born from demons. They have prominant horns and long tails that host an arrow shaped barb on the tip.  



Quickveiw Traits

Armour: Any Weapons: Any Inventory Weight: Strength x20 Speed: 30ft Languages: Common, Elvish  


- Darkvision: Can see 60ft in pitch darkness

- Infared Vision: Can see the heat signatures of other creatures unless in high heat

- Easily intimidates townsfolk. +2 to intimidate common folk

- Commonly trusted by other fringe races, even the unlawful ones

- Naturally Magical: +2 to hit when using necrotic or chaotic damage

- Creatures of the night: +1 to hit and damage at nightime or when in complete darkness



- Most townsfolk fear they're demons and will immediatly alert gaurds of their presence

- Untrusted: -2 to pickpocket. -2 to charisma rolls around the lawful

- Unholy: Forbidden from joining The Paladin Order or Clerics.

- Creatures of the night: -1 to constitution rolls in daylight. -20ft to vision in daylight

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Tiefling are considered young until age 40 and elderly at age 100.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Teifling frighten most commonfolk due to their devilish appearance. In Acana, they prefer the company of the other fringe races near Harbin's grasslands and Githmore Desert. Teiflings are generally nocturnal and prefer living in underground or mountain keeps.

Average Intelligence

Teifling intelligence lands somewhere between human and elvish. It depends on their upbringing and location.
150 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Teifling skin tones range in hues between red and purple. Occasionally you'll see one that appears white, lacking any pigment at all.

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