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Acana used to be a savage, harsh land. Its mountains harbored large communities of trolls, ogre's, bugbear and goblins. Its dense forests held many large beasts and was difficult to navigate. One brave fighter, Alaster Alabast, saw the land's great potential. He established his own stronghold in the hills outside the great forest and began working on taming the harsh wilderness. Heros from all over, heard his call for help. In exchange for their own slice of Acana's natural wealth, they created Amber Road to carve a path through the wild.   Many died along the way. Their biggest struggle was Spearhead mountain range . Luckily for them , there was a large community of dwarfs from the north, who wished to mine the rich mountains. They established Hamerton and helped the heroes destroy the great monster population hiding amongst the rocks. Angry and pushed from their homes, the monsters turned their rage towards Alaster's castle and newly established lands. Thus Acana's Great War commenced.   Though Alaster's castle was eventually destroyed, his army succeeded in driving away the riffraff. Some fled towards Harbin's vast grasslands to the east and others went towards Keensite Mountain to the West. Alaster's Army followed and hunted down those who fled West. With his stronghold destroyed, Alaster then established Keensight city. A well guarded, walled city built right into the base of the mountain. Word of his conquests spread and monsters largely moved off the land, deeper in to the mountains. With his enemies gone, Acana flourished into a well populated utopia. While the wider wilderness still holds many dangers, Amber road is kept safe by Alaster's guards . The dwarves of hamerton established a great mine that boomed Acana's economy. Paladins from the order of Yig established temples in each major city, enforcing law and civil society. Life became quiet and comfortable.

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Acana Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign

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