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The Northlands

The Northlands are the name for the mass of ice on the north pole of Aarde. The Northlands is technically a continent, but the relatively smaller size of it makes most people consider it a subcontinent. It is known for the stark, harsh beauty of the area, as well as the mysterious massive stones buried below the ice. Some of these stones are magnetic, and scientists remain confused about their origins.   According to international law, no land can be claimed in the Northlands and the entire region is protected under a D.F.N (Diplomatic Forum of Nations) Special Protection Zone. A few countries, including Ecleinia, have research stations in the area. The Northlands is considered to be a magical zone by many, another mystery scientists are trying to unravel.   There are a variety of stories and legends about the Northlands, and some believe that various impossible feats are possible from there, including communication with species in other dimensions, or even possibly time anomalies.


The Northlands are mostly flat. They consist of nothing but snow and small hills for hundreds of miles, and are surrounded on all sides by ocean. Despite the seeming plainness of the area, all visitors agree that there is something very beautiful about the area, and that it is particularly stunning at night.

Fauna & Flora

There is little life in the Northlands. Particularly no plants, except for icemoss, can survive in the climate, and only a few animals, such as polar bears, arctic foxes, and several species of hardy microbes can survive. Humans require environmental gear to stay alive more than a few minutes.

Natural Resources

The entirety of the Northlands is ice, but scans suggest there are pockets of crystalline material and traces of various ores and oils in the area. There are also occasional massive stones in the ice, many of them consisting of magnetic materials. Physicists believe that it would also be possible to harvest antimatter via advanced techniques here as well.
Alternative Name(s)
Desert, Ice

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