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The huffabeast is a beast of burden in Ecleinia and in agricultural areas all over Aarde. They are bred to carry large loads for long distances, and despite the prevalence of other modes of transportation available, are still favored by some Ecleinians for their sheer hardiness. In addition, they produce milk, meat, and fur, and a wide variety of products can be made from their items. Technically, they are a species of bison which developed larger bodies and thicker bones.   There are two types of huffabeast: the Bordun and the Yashi. The Borduns are bred specifically for their ability to carry large weights- they weight up to 550 kilograms, and can easily carry loads weighing twice that for hundreds of kilometers. The Borduns are commonly sold as beasts of burden, and herds of them trekking across northern Ecleinia is not an uncommon sight. The Yashi, on the other hand, have been interbred with cattle, primarily for food production. They have a leaner body, thinner bones, and can move faster. In addition, their meat is more tender, and their milk thinner. However, they still weight up to 370 kilograms and can carry loads up to 150 kilograms, so they are considered by many to be "beasts of light burden" (light being a relative term here).   For thousands of years, they were the primary mode of cargo transportation in Ecleinia, until the advent of skyships, which could carry much more freight. However, they still remain popular with many farmers, especially those in the Ecleinian north, where cargo only needs to be taken moderate distances. In addition, the huffabeast is the Ecleinian national mammal.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The huffabeast is easily identifiable by the large, stocky physique of the species. They typically stand 2 meters tall, and possess large, thick coats of shaggy fur. Females produce a nutritious milk from the six udders on their underbellies. Males possess horns. The huffabeast can weight up to 550 kilograms, and stand up to 3 meters tall. Their meat typically tastes like beef, but tends to be more 'earthy'.

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