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O Caminho para Masu

The Path to Masu


In the 581st year of the Age of Steel, the Holy Ecclesia of Mor sent a small group of military men, supporters and faithful members of the church on an expedition north of Melsmer, with the mission of creating settlements for future facilities of the religious institution, and cataloguing of any new species. It is still debated today what the real purpose of these lands would be, perhaps political influence or indecent plans.

Regardless of the reasons behind the dangerous crusade, a man, colonel Calias Celige, specialist in war strategy and military formations, took as his job to break through the regions still dominated by nature and its ferocity, and claim those territories in the name of the nation, or the church.

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Historical Details


The publication of Calias's journal came to provoke an intense buzz about the intentions of the church of Mor in certain regions, but the very own expedition of the colonel and his subordinates slowly proceeded to the foundation of the Celigean nation.
Journal, Personal

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