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“Ya' know? Selling your soul for a nail clipper isn’t such a bad deal? Your soul is practically worthless... ya' know? Where ya' goin'!?”
- Suitor of the longest nailed girl in the land.

The value of a souls and souls.

Souls are many a thing to many beings; personal, unique, irreplaceable? On a micro-scale that's a fair assessment, for what else could be more valuable than that which is at the very center of one's being? Oh, oh, oh but what of the macro? Things change very quickly when you get to the macro scale, now don't they? You know what they say, a pebble in heaven is a mountain in hell.
Say you had a pouch affixed to your person which filed itself with coin every day, would that not be a good thing? Why with a bit of planning and investing you'd never have to work a day in your life! No toiling in the fields, no crawling in the pits only the simple pleasures of life, no? What if there was a limit to the coinage? Say a platinum coin a day, maybe a little something for your birthday and new year's day perhaps? How fortunate you would be my friend, why many dream of witnessing the metallic glimmer of a platinum coin let alone owning one! That's all well and good you might say but where's the catch?
There is none! That is the beauty of it all, a free lunch, a free life! Lest you get killed of course, which would truly be on you, don't you think? What's that? Something weighing heavy on your mind? Not just the extra pounds you would have? You desire a lesson, a message to take, perhaps a riddle to solve? Why can't things just be perfect for once, a happy ending?
Very well. More coin it is. What do I care? It's of no consequences of mine how plump your pouch gets. Indeed, absolutely zero reproductions for me. What of you then? Let us see. Let us say your pouch filled with more coin every day perhaps one more platinum every day? 
[TBA, addressee what repercussions souls/coins multiplying would have for their value and usability (inflation)] [souls can be read as documents by higher beings, if a too low of a being were to see one it would just look like the being possessing the soul]


Souls store and list the traits possessed by and bestowed upon a being.

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