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Vending machines

I want a drink, let's go! The store? Nah, there's a box outside.
— A youngster to a friend
Vending machines, or Venmacs, are a metallic rectangular box that is commonly around 2 meters high, 1 meter wide, and 1 meter deep. They dispense items after a payment has been made. They are very common on The Station but also exist on the planets across the universe.   Anything, from snacks, to ice cream, to hand towels, can be provided by a vending machine. They older and larger siblings of the Capsule machines.  


There are many companies that provide and stock these machines. Most of these companies are located on The Station. But there are also some other companies across the universe that provide and stock the machines locally on their planets.   The largest company that provides vending machines universe-wide is named Blue Co., they mainly provide food bars and snacks in their machines. But on The Station they also provide drinks.  


The history of vending machines is diverse. They have been invented independently on several planets and at different times universe-wide. On Areu the first vending machine was a fire match dispenser. The first vending machine on Rant was a secret newspaper machine.  


On The Station vending machines are more common than pets. Everyone on The Station is at all times only about 400 meters away from a vending machine, most times a lot less.   Food bars, snacks, and drinks are the most common types of vending machines. As all apartments are very small it's common for people to eat out a lot. For those who can't afford to eat at restaurants all the time food bars are a great substitute. While the water on The Station is drinkable it's not very tasty. Which makes purchasable drinks a given.   Different vending machine companies are popular depending on the section of The Station because all these companies carry different brands and kinds of wares. Starworth tea drinks are popular in Monochrome, the central section of The Station, and they have their own vending machines as well as being carried by the Blue Co. vending machines.   At The Station the vending machines only take payment with Credit which can only be used with Modis. A portable device that is always carried by all young and adult inhabitants.


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