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Starworth? Aah, they sell tea, right? I love their fancy Gold Tea. The company says that the gold is real. I never knew that gold was edible.
— A tea drinker
Starworth is a company based on the planet of Bog that produces teas, other herbal drinks, and other food products. It's one of the largest tea manufacturers in the universe.  


Starworth was created by a man who was born on The Station in 2892. He moved to the planet of Bog and met a woman there with whom he fell in love. The both of them married and worked on his small tea manufacturing company.   Her family had a small food manufacturing company, and when her father passed away, she inherited the company. They merged the two companies in 2900 and named it Starworth. It became one of the largest manufacturers in the universe around 2964 when one of their sons took over the company. The company is currently rivals with another company, Betea, that only produces tea.  


They have many products, but their more popular ones are their many brands of sausages, their hard candies, and their brand "Gold Tea". They proclaim that the tea contains pure edible gold. The tea is expensive because of this, and a lot of people buy it because they say that it contains Gold. Gold is a precious and rare material after all. Edible gold that is 99.9% 24-carat gold does exist. However, the tea is not made out of that. It's made out of an edible material that only looks like gold. This is a major secret that the company is trying to keep from the public and their customers. There are rumors among the people in the know that people have even been murdered for this secret. But there they have no evidence or sources for this.


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Aug 9, 2023 12:39

This is such a clever take on the secret organization prompt. Honestly, I admire the hustle, why waste gold when duping wealthier people is easier... except for the part about theoretically murdering people to keep the secret.

Aug 11, 2023 05:16 by Dragon

Thank you! :D I wanted something "light" that I could use as a gossip topic among my characters. XD;;

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