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Capsule machines

Tsk, why do I never get my favorite character?
— A kid who paid for a capsule
Capsule machines, or Capmacs, are the smaller siblings of the Vending machines and while they in some areas of The Station are even more common than the Vending machines, they are very rare in the rest of the universe.   The Capsule machines are 80cm high, 40cm wide, and 40cm deep and are usually stacked on top of several other capsule machines. The machines contains small capsules with small toys, cards, keychains and other accessories. Usually related to characters, places or other things that have fandoms.   Each machine only have one set in them. A set includes the same kind of item, like for example a key chain, and then several versions of that key chain. It can be different characters in the same movie, or different images of the same character. Like different images of the famous child actor Jozean. Or of a place like the Library or the Central Park. When doing a purchase one random item of these sets will come out and people are encouraged to collect them all.  


On The Station there are 3 companies producing and distrubuting capsule machines and their contents. These companies rents space for their machines from the government or stores where the capsule machines stands.   There are capsule toys in ever section of The Station. They can usually be found in Arcades or around stores. They can also be found in their own small stores.  


While vending machines have been around for a long while the capsule machines have only existed for around 100 years. There are also several companies housing vending machines while only a couple companies have capsule toys.   Around 100 years ago the CEO of the Fuxion toys company watched his children play with toys they had gotten out of a vending machine. He came up with the idea of capsule machines and they become very popular.


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