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The two youths

That myth, I heard it in school? Haven't you heard it? It's trendy here. You don't have anything similar on your planet? Huh? There are a lot more stories around here based on it.
— A Station inhabitant to their friend from another planet
There are many myths and stories in the Library of the Kaose, the creators and previous inhabitants of The Station and the previous inhabitants of the planet of Areu.   This specific myth resonated a lot with the current inhabitants of The Station and Areu, the Dragons. They also wonder why the Kaose appeared to have such a fascination with serpents. A couple of their creation myths have serpents in them. These serpents are usually tricksters or important deities.    

The Myth

Once upon a time, there lived two youths. These two youths were identical twins. Their mother had run away, and their father was a drunk and in debt. For sure, their lives were not pleasant and equally so.   One day, a serpent visited them and told them their lives would be even more rough. But that the meaning of it would lie in their view.   As the serpents had proclaimed, their lives took a turn for the worse. One of them looked up while the other looked down. The both of them took a tumble and fell. The one who looked up stood up, brushed his pants, and moved on. The one who looked down might be lying there still.  


There are many audiobooks, textbooks, physical books, movies, streaming series, comics, and other media with stories loosely based on this myth on The Station. These stories have also started to become famous on planets close to The Station, like Rant. There are two very famous versions. The newest one is a series on a video platform made by a group of friends. It's about two guys who are trying to seduce the same girl. The second one is an old indie animation made by an art student.


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Aug 7, 2023 03:00 by Deleyna Marr

Because I needed another world to follow, apparently. (kidding) This drew me in. It is unclear in all of the ways a myth would be unclear, and it gives enough hints at the spirit of your writing that I want to read more!

Aug 8, 2023 23:59 by Dragon

:) Thank you! <3

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