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The human who became ordained after finding Edutar's golden skull.

Talgrad is famously the youngest person (at just 9 years old) to become Ordained and gain the small powers of The Creator. They present their appearance ambiguously but are always recognised by their magnificent golden tusks - a Piece of Fate that fell from The Creator's guardian, Edutar, when he fell during The Rupture.  

Early Childhood

Talgrad was raised as a lone child. They never got to know their twin, who sadly did not survive many hours after being born. Both parents worked long hours running a shoe repair business in Portlend and cared very much for their child.   Being the smallest and scrawniest kid on the block unfortunately made them the easy target for playground bullies and teenage thieves.  

Becoming Ordained

They often played alone as their only friend had tragically died during The Rupture. One day they went to revisit the old hidden den in the woods that held fond memories before the rifts opened - and there in the dappled light among the bushes Talgrad saw a large, golden skull with two impressive curved tusks.   In awe of the found treasure, Talgrad pulled away the thorny brambles and reached for it.  
"It was so confusing - I thought I'd been struck down by lightning or something because as soon as I touched it, everything went white and I felt searing pain that brought me to my knees.   The pain was gone as soon as it arrived, but my posture felt weird. My head was supported, but not by my hands any more. When my vision came back into focus I saw the gold tusks propping me up - I thought I'd landed on the skull but when I lifted my head it was heavier, and the tusks moved with me.   I remember panicking and touching my face, feeling these monsterous protrusions coming down from my cheek bones. I tried to pull them off in panic but clearly that didn't work.   In a crazed panic attack I must have tripped over the roots of a tree, I fell pretty hard and heard a bone crack in my ankle. When I instinctively grabbed it, thats when everything went calm. The pain stopped, the angle of it aligned itself and I was able to stand again.   I still hid for a while before returning home.
I feared people would see me as a monster."
— Talgrad's recollection of collecting a Piece of Fate


Talgrad's parents tried their best to hide their child's new appearance but word spread through the town like wildfire of the child with tusks of gold.   Within a month, agents of The Seekers began asking questions for Talgrad's whereabouts, claiming that Edutar's golden remains were stolen and desecrated. Their father stood his ground in his shop as the Seekers overturned everything and set the premesis ablaze.   Talgrad escaped with their mother and ran until they could hide in the fields. Staying hidden from prying eyes, their mother went and carefully asked around going town to town for help.
Finally they were able to find refuge from Edutar's Devotionists who took them both into shelter.   Talgrad was raised by the Devotionists which soon became a loving family to them and kept them hidden from the vengeful eyes of the Seekers. The Devotionists treated Talgrad as a descendant of Edutar and a guardian of a portion of his powers and of his very body. With their guidance, Talgrad learnt how to stand up proud and learnt how to wisely use these new powers of creation.  

A Safe Haven

Once Talgrad had come of age, the Devotionists helped Talgrad moved to a safe town that welcomed them with open arms. Their mother joined a support group in the community, and Talgrad integrated with folks from all walks of life.   They helped around the town, using their newfound powers for good, and in return the townsfolk kept any Seekers at bay.
(young portrait concept WIP)
Date of Birth
Falday 27th Feastcall 505 2A
Aligned Organization

Cover image: by TJ Trewin
Character Portrait image: portrait of young Talgrad by TJ Trewin


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Sep 12, 2022 21:31 by Time Bender

Poor child! He's no monster, he's just a misunderstood child who accidentally gained amazing powers (and some tusks too). D:

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Yup D:   I'll be adding some more details to their adult life once I've figured out a few more details

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