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The Human Restoration Organization


  By the year 3094 CE, a great schism had befallen humanity. They are divided by two star systems: our home world of Sol and our interstellar neighbor of Proxima Centauri. Occupying the regions of Proxima Centauri, as well as the outer regions of Sol, is the military technocracy known as the Human Restoration Organization.   More commonly known as the Restoration, they have been in power for well over a century under the tight governorship of military legislators forming the Command Sector. The average Colonist is directed by the Command Sector to fulfill certain duties dependent on their specific skills and attributes determined by adolescence.   The Restoration's objective is to reshape humanity to join and be accepted by the intergalactic community known as the Collective: the hegemonic authority that has existed for over countless millennia. The Captains who formed the Restoration felt this couldn't be achieved unless the Colonies seceded from the corporate plutocracy controlling the worlds of Sol, known as of the Venutian Consortium. To this day, 150 years after their declaration, the Restoration remains in a tense feud with the Consortium.

Organization Structure

  The Restoration is a self-proclaimed confederate technocracy, but exhibits more of an unitary government having been founded by military personnel who made up the Active Crew onboard the sleeper ships.   From the Command Sector, The Captains of the Colonies act as colonial governors to their respective Colonies. The Commanders, Lieutenants, and all other ranks take on the various administrative positions. Law enforcement is carried out by a separate branch of the Restoration known as the Security Sector, under the direct control of the Command Sector. While the Restoration has no military force, the Enforcers who make up the Security sector are viewed as a highly trained defense force.   Due to rigid population control, all Colonists are born through the Sanitarium for Eugenic and Embryonic Development (aka SEED), delegated to maintaining a sustainable population throughout the Colonies. At conception via incubator pods, Colonists' DNA is analyzed to determine how they may contribute to the Restoration. Nearly all Colonists are bred with specific traits to fulfill certain positions that are required. Should any Colonist fail to meet their responsibilities, or if they suffer from unforeseen injuries or complications, they are sent back to SEED for repurposement where they are reassessed for alternative employment.   To ensure the Restoration stays within the interpretations of Collective Law, the branch of the Viceroy maintains communication with Collective representatives while also carefully overseeing the Captains governing the Colonies. The Arbiters who lead the Viceroy do not directly draft laws of the Restoration, rather they act as advisors to the Command Sector with tremendous influence and leverage. Meanwhile, special agents known as Prefects act as the judiciary division overseeing the Security Sector to ensure peace and justice throughout the Colonies is properly carried out.   The Restoration is dependent on the highly secured yet open-access network known as the Alpha Manifest. The Manifest tracks every single person living onboard the Colonies and is designed with a multitude of algorithms to further catalogue the populace as well as calculate supplies and resources required for sustainable levels. Should any facet of the Restoration fail, such as a Captain's unexpected removal or contaminated food storage, the Colonies can rely on the Alpha Manifest to maintain self-sufficiency and proper accountability. The Alpha Manifest has so far been a reliable foundation for maintaining stability within the Restoration.


  The long-anticipated goal of colonizing new worlds outside of Sol launched on June 25, 2933 CE. A number of sleeper ships, each operated by a small active crew of fifty personnel overseeing the passage of ten thousand Colonists, departed from our home system to arrive at predetermined worlds selected based on their earth-like properties. Those who traveled faced many hardships with time-displacement and isolation. Yet they confronted the challenges with eagerness and hope for a new golden age of prosperity as the worlds of Earth, Mars, and Venus struggled against social-political strains, dwindling resources, and a stagnant recovery from past environmental disasters.   The first world to be colonized was Proxima Centauri b, later named Aurora by its founding colony Terra Nova. Over the course of 2 years, expeditions from Terra Nova had established pocket outposts on the untouched world; examining the properties in the soil, studying the effects of increased gravity, daily cycles lasting a little over 22 Earth-days, and the planet's unique internal heating system that greatly contributed to its weather. Despite Aurora's habitable zones being restricted to the polar regions, the Terra Nova Colony was on track in transforming those areas into an arctic tundra while the vast deserts of the central regions were still being surveyed for their mineral resources.   Aurora's progress was thanks in large part to the highly active Colonists. Among them were publicly formed coalitions, each having their own infrastructural and political objectives. A sense of pride and community bolstered these coalitions into spearheading various terraforming projects. Two coalitions in particular quickly became more prominent in membership and activity: the pro-Earthen Terran Coalition and the pro-Venutian Kismet. While both coalitions maintained mutual goals and cooperated with other coalitions, a partisan divide began to emerge among the Terran Coalition and the Kismet to determine who would attain greater influence in shaping this new world.   Everything changed on February 17th, 2939 CE when Terra Nova experienced a Colony-wide blackout--from the outposts on Aurora to the transports hauling resources from the asteroid belts. Approximately 3 hours after the blackout, everyone in the colonies received an ominous message:  
  This would later be known as First Contact with the Collective. At the time, however, the Terra Nova Colony was still in a transitional period with the active crew steadily rescinding their authority over to the predetermined legislators of planet Aurora. The exact events that occurred during this period are still left to speculation and the current Captains of the Restoration only have the Terra Nova Captain's logs to reference.   The former Terra Nova Captain-turned-Secretary of Defense, Sergei Nikolaevich, was in a joint-governorship with Executor Manmohan Jakhar. Up until First Contact, Nikolaevich and Jakhar maintained a professional relationship but Nikolaevich was concerned with Jakhar's pro-Earthen policies that risked undermining Venutian and Martian Colonists. Jakhar's support from the Terran Coalition was potentially a major factor in much of his decision-making, consequently disenfranchising members of the Kismet.   The following logs from Nikolaevich highlights key events that led to the eventual fall of Terra Nova and became. These logs would also spur the other Captains of the sleeper ships to eventually form the Human Restoration Organization:  
Terra Nova Log - Dated February 18, 2939 CE   Just came out of a meeting with Executor Jakhar and the other cabinet members regarding the mysterious transmission that was received throughout Terra Nova. For now, we are treating the message as a hoax chalked up by extremist coalition groups bent on sabotaging the terraformation of planet Aurora...   ...I have concerns with this conclusion, as the message was also received by our secure channels that the Colonists shouldn't have access to... I'm putting together a special task force to investigate the origin of the message. Whether it's a group of rogue hackers or wannabe rebels, we'll hopefully have them apprehended soon. But I can't shake off this feeling the message came from somewhere else. Somewhere outside the Colonies. Regardless, I should put such wild notions to rest. As secure as our internal communications are, it shouldn't surprise me some damn fool found a way to break in...
Terra Nova Log - Dated March 11, 2939 CE   The results of our investigation continue to be inconclusive. The only thing we are able to confirm is the message did not originate from anywhere onboard Terra Nova or from one of the outposts on Aurora. It doesn't even appear to be coming from our home system of Sol. From what little we can gather, a point-of-origin doesn't even exist...   Quite frankly, the analysis of the message is very disconcerting. The coding of the message itself is... unusual. None of our software were able to identify a source program used to create the message. It's proven to be extremely complex. Despite having the message received in Earthen Basic, our computers are struggling to decode the formatting of the message. I hate to say it, but the coding could very well be alien...
Terra Nova Log - Dated March 14, 2939 CE   Another three-hour blackout hit us today, followed by another ominous message from this so-called Collective.   Apparently, we have broken some law of their's by colonizing Proxima Centauri without their approval. They transmitted a number of directives with a warning: return to Sol or face an interstellar quarantine where humans would be prohibited from expanding and colonizing until we accept and govern in accordance to their laws...
Terra Nova Log - Dated May 2, 2939 CE   The Executor is too damn stubborn. He's committed to rejecting any advisement I have to offer unless it allows for the continuance of Aurora's terraformation. Yet doing so keeps us in a never ending conflict with the Collective. The blackouts are becoming more constant and stalling all of our projects...   ...The political climate is also shifting back in Sol faster than we had anticipated. The major governments of Venus have conglomerated into a single superpower and have recently begun a takeover of certain sectors of Sol, including regions of Earth... As far as the Expanse Initiative is concerned, the Consortium has all but abandoned the project.   We are on our own out here.
  Through his accounts, Captain Nikolaevich went on to describe the harrowing decline of Terra Nova over the next several months. Colonists struggled under heavy regulations rationing food, water, and resources while also growing more divided on whether to continue developing Aurora or return to Sol. Details of Terra Nova's final months became more obscure, but there is reason to believe one of the coalitions attempted to hijack Terra Nova in a coup. The coup failed, instead leading to a disaster in which an explosion tore a hole in the hull of the Colony, wiping out every Colonist onboard Terra Nova and leaving any remaining Colonists on Aurora to a slow, cold death.   By 2940, the rest of the Expanse Initiative sleeper ships were pulled out of lightspeed by the Collective and sent an amended message. Though humanity was still not recognized for interstellar travel and was still expected to obey the tenants of Collective law, they were given a choice: return to their home system of Sol or rendezvous at Proxima Centauri, now deemed a refugee system for humanity under certain restrictions.   By the time the Captains of the other sleeper ships could message each other and Sol, the majority of Sol was already under the tight control of the Venutian Consortium with the lesser powers of the Martian Union standing in opposition. Over the next few years, the Captains would transmit and coordinate with each other, analyzing records from Terra Nova, consolidating their resources, and confirming who remained among the Expanse Initiative. At the same time, the Captains maintained communications with Sol but were constantly hitting roadblocks. The Consortium and Martian Union leaders expected complete cooperation and subordination from the Captains. In contrast, the Captains felt these new governments of Sol had abandoned the Colonists.   While it is argued that the majority of Captains had already decided years prior to secede from Sol with Operation: Restore Humanity, it was on November 2, 2947 that the Human Restoration Organization was officially designated as a sovereign entity by the Captains, claiming Proxima Centauri as their system of origin to rebuild the society of humanity.

Perseverance through unity and discipline.

Remember Terra Nova.

Founding Date
November 2, 2947 CE (After Restoration Commencement 0005.11.02)
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Alternative Names
The Restoration, Restorationists, Defectors, Restotards
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
CC- Colonial Credits, or simply creds, are currency of the Restoration's resource-based economy. CC are exchanged for essential goods and services (food, housing, training, etc.) PerCs - short for "Personal Credits," PerCs are a secondary credit-based currency for luxury and entertainment services, considered non-essential.
Legislative Body
The Command Sector
Judicial Body
The Viceroy

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  • 2933

    25 June

    BRC 0009.06.25

    The Expanse Initiative launches. 39 sleeper ships carrying 10,000 Colonists, along with 39 foundry ships and 78 eco ships, depart from Sol to designated star systems within our galaxy.

  • 2937

    14 September

    BRC 0005.09.14
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Terra Nova, accompanied by a single foundry ship and two eco ships, arrives at their destination of Proxima Centauri b.

  • 2939

    17 February

    BRC 0003.02.17
    Discovery, Exploration

    First Contact. Colony Terra Nova receives a message from the alien hegemony known as the Collective, informing humanity is not verified for interstellar travel.

  • 2939

    30 October

    BRC 0003.10.30
    Disaster / Destruction

    Colony Terra Nova shows signs of societal decay as rations begin to dwindle and coalitions become more tribal. Communications with Sol begin to break down as the Venutian Consortium has all but abandoned the Expanse Initiative. The Collective remains unresponsive to Colonist's attempts at dialogue.

  • 2940

    21 April

    BRC 0002.04.21
    Disaster / Destruction

    Last known transmission from Colony Terra Nova before they went dark.

  • 2940

    9 August

    BRC 0002.08.09
    Population Migration / Travel

    The remaining fleets of the Expanse Initiative are halted by the Collective. They are instructed to either return to Sol or rendezvous at Proxima Centauri. The Venutian Consortium has also expanded its power, dominating the system of Sol.

  • 2940

    4 November

    BRC 0002.11.04
    Gathering / Conference

    The Captains of the Expanse Initiaitve's surviving fleets unionize to discuss the Collective's message, study the records of Terra Nova, and negotiate with the Venutian Consortium.

  • 2942

    14 July

    ARC 0001.07.14
    Diplomatic action

    Operation: Restore Humanity is set in motion by the Captains of the Expanse Initiative in an effort to mend relations with the Venutian Consortium and insure the survival of the Colonists. Broadly speaking, the Operation was meant to maintain the spirit of the Expanse Initiative while addressing the Collective's interference

  • 2945

    20 January

    ARC 0003.01.20
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Ottoman is the first Colony to arrive at Proxima Centauri. By this time, the Expanse Initiative confirmed a third of its entire fleet has gone dark. Talks with the Venutian Consortium continue to hit roadblocks. The Collective remains uncommunicative towards humanity.

  • 2945

    1 June

    ARC 0003.06.01
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Moksha arrives in the outer regions of Sol, establishing orbit around Neptune.

  • 2946

    9 February

    ARC 0004.02.09
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Sagan arrives in Sol, reuniting with Colony Moksha. Its foundry and eco ships had to be scrapped in order to survive the journey.

  • 2947

    7 March

    ARC 0005.03.07

    The Captains determine a return to the Venutian Consortium is not within the Colonists' interests, choosing to secede from Sol and establish a new government in Proxima Centauri. This is the official date of the Human Restoration Organization's founding.

  • 2949

    5 January

    ARC 0007.01.05
    Population Migration / Travel

    The first 100 Colonists, comprising of engineers, scientists, and essential workers, are woken up onboard Colonies Sagan and Moksha. It becomes protocol that each Colony, upon arrival to either Sol or Proxima Centauri, to awaken no more than 50 Colonists per month in order for them to properly acclimate to current events.

  • 2949

    30 August

    ARC 0007.08.30
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Rhineland arrives in Proxima Centauri. It is established as the capitol of the Restoration.

  • 2951

    23 December

    ARC 0009.12.23
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Ottoman arrives in Proxima Centauri.

  • 2952

    22 March

    ARC 0010.03.22
    Gathering / Conference

    A group of engineers and physicists are selected to test and build a working, interstellar gateway capable of folding points in space between Sol and Proxima Centauri.

  • 2953

    25 February

    ARC 0011.02.25
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony New Dawn arrives in Sol.

  • 2956

    19 January

    ARC 0014.01.19
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Song arrives in Proxima Centauri. 1/5 of its Colonists' life-support systems failed during transit.

  • 2958

    13 April

    ARC 0016.04.13
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Cheyenne arrives in Proxima Centauri.

  • 2962

    19 May

    ARC 0020.5.19
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Kievan Rus arrives in Sol. 1/3 of its Colonists die from oxygen poisoning, later confirmed as sabotage.

  • 2967

    14 April

    ARC 0025.04.14
    Scientific achievement

    Wormhole stability achieved through fold gate technology, allowing for the hyper travel between Sol and Proxima Centauri.

  • 2967

    30 September

    ARC 0025.9.30
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Haaretz arrives in Sol.

  • 2970

    8 July

    ARC 0028.07.08
    Discovery, Scientific

    A team of doctors and scientists predict a sharp decline in Colonial population. The Command Sector orders them to begin research into stabilizing the population throughout the Colonies.

  • 2973

    26 March

    ARC 0031.03.26
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Phoenix arrives in Sol.

  • 2978

    21 October

    ARC 0036.10.21
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Atlantis arrives in Proxima Centauri.

  • 2989

    15 April

    ARC 0047.04.15

    The Sanitarium of Embryonic and Eugenic Development (SEED) is established throughout the Restoration, overseeing population control.

  • 2990

    29 March

    ARC 0048.03.29
    Population Migration / Travel

    Colony Usonia arrives in Sol, confirmed to be the last surviving Colony of the Expanse Initiative with all other sleeper ships going dark.

  • 3009

    1 January

    ARC 0067.01.01

    The Guild Union is established to protect workers' rights and repurposement through SEED.

  • 3041

    10 July

    ARC 0099.07.10
    Construction beginning/end

    The Fold Gates become operational, marking humanity's achievement in faster-than-light travel.

  • 3041

    12 July

    ARC 0099.07.12
    Civil action

    The Collective establishes their own fold gate in Sol near Neptune. While the Collective instituted additional probationary measures on humanity, their arrival signaled they would be taking a slightly more active presence.


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