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Felial Yeskian, level 1 Assassin

player name Elf ancestry Lorekeeper background neutral alignment xp
22 age 171cm height 79kg weight Hazel eyes Spiked red hair
description Felial maintains a cynical attitude, always ensuring her friends are not taken advantage of and that proper work is properly paid for. She has a slight but dextrous frame, spiked red hair, a dark skin tone and soft, welcoming face.   She wear leather and cloth dyed green for camoflauge. A leather top with an upturned collar, with leaf-shaped leather arm pieces. A waistskirt is made with similar leaf-shaped leather pieces, covering her dark brown leather pants. She wears a green cloth cape with gold livery around the neck. Her boots are made of green cloth.
Strength +4
Brawn +2
Agility +4
Mettle +2
Craft +3
Insight +1
Wits +4
Resolve +2

Life:14 of 14
Physical Damage Mod:4
Psychic Damage Mod:3
Armour Type:Leather
Armour Points:3 of 3
weapons Die roller for bonus rolls: 1d6

Weapon Att Bonus Damage
Bow 6 1d6+4
Shortsword 4 1d6+4
Stiletto 4 1d3+4
L Skill Aspects
  Animal Handling +0
Athletics Bra Agi Met
Bargain Wit Res  
  Deception +0
  Decipher +0
  Entertain +0
  Empathy +0
  Evaluate +0
  Fortitude +0
  Intimidate +0
  Investigation +0
Lore Wit    
Melee Bra Agi  
Missile Weapon Agi    
       Bows Agi+2    
Notice Wit    
  Persuasion +0
  Psychic +0
  Ride +0
Sleight of Hand Agi    
       Distraction Agi+2    
Stealth Agi    
       Wilderness Agi+2    
Survival Ins Met  
  Throw +0
special abilities Lorekeeper: When using Persuade (or something similar) to ask for access to a library or book colleciton, your Attitude is always two steps higher on the Attitude Chart.

Night Sight: When Elves are outdoors, they can see at night as if it were daytime. Torches and other light sources do not affect Night Sight; however, this special ability does not aid them when they are underground or in a building.

Movement of Leaves: When you're in the woods or a forest, once per day you can reroll 1d6 in any test. You can use this special ability on yourself or grant it to a party member you can see. You also have +1 Speed during combat in these locations.

Treachery: You conceal your intentions in combat, as well as in social interactions. You get a Bonus Die when making Deception tests. Also, when you attack with a weapon that deals 1d3 or 1d6 base damage, you can spend 1 Light Fate to deal 2 additional damage per level in any of the following situations:
  • your target is surprised or partially surprised,
  • your target is immobile or unable to take actions,
  • your target is currently friendly toward you.

  • Preparation: You are a professional, and a professional spends time preparing. The first time you make an attack against an Enemy (or another target the GM approves) that you've studied and prepared to kill, choose one die that is not a Kismet Die. Do not roll that die. After you've rolled the rest of the dice, you can set that die to any result.

    You can prepare to kill only one target at a time. Preparation usually takes at least a number of days of work equal to 2d6 minus your Wits (with a minimum of 1 day). You must be able to either observe the target directly or gain information from who has.

    Path of Blood: Woe betide those who stand between you and your target. When you reduce an Enemy to 0 Life, you can spend 1 Light Fate to make an attack against another Enemy whose threat is the less than or equal to your initial target. You can't use this feature more than once per round.
    spells Spell Points:0 of 0

    equipment Gold: 5
    Item Load
    Leather armour 1
    Shortsword 1
    Bow (20 arrows) 2
    Poisoner's kit 1
    Haversack (climbing harness, blanket, tinderbox, 50 feet of rope, mess kit, water bottle) 1 (4)
    Antitoxin potion -
    Stiletto 1
    Max load: 20, current load: 7
    magic items
    notes Felial was raised in a small group of elves who monitored their hidden stores of lore within the Woodlans. Enthralled by this, she became intensely fascinated by information and how to use it, sometimes even for nefarious means. On occasion, her people would be harassed by monsters of the forest, a problem Felial was used to dispatch, for her quiet feet and skill with a bow was more than a match for any upstart bandit, troll or goblin to be dispatched quietly in the dead of night.

    Eventually she made the decision to leave her people, on good terms too. Meeting the warrior, Varus when he became lost in the woods and joining him.

    Notice: rolls are 3d6, the third die is the Kismet die, if it rolls 1 (additionally marked with __), the GM gets a Dark Fate point, if it rolls a 6 (additionally marked with **), player gets a Light Fate point. Example rolls: first scores an 11 and gives a Dark Fate Point to the GM: [4, 6]+[1__] = 11, second scores a 10 and gives a Light Fate Point to the player: [2, 2]+[6**] = 10

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