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Grimewatcher, level 1 Priest

player name Ghoul ancestry Soulkeeper background neutral alignment xp
21 age 168cm height 58kg weight Gaunt yellow eyes None hair
description Grimewatcher has a very frail frame, appearing as though a strong wind might take her off a cliff. She wears dark leather armor over much of her body, with a leather vest consisting of straps moving from the left side of the body to the right. Her arm guards are made of simple darkened green cloth, with the same being found on her legs too. Leather and metal boots are worn on her feet.   In addition, she wears a set of religious vestments over the top of her chest, covering her legs much of the time as well.
Strength +2
Brawn +1
Agility +2
Mettle +1
Craft +5
Insight +5
Wits +3
Resolve +3

Life:12 of 12
Physical Damage Mod:2
Psychic Damage Mod:5
Armour Type:Leather
Armour Points:3 of 3
weapons Die roller for bonus rolls: 1d6

Weapon Att Bonus Damage
L Skill Aspects
  Animal Handling +0
  Athletics +0
  Bargain +0
  Deception +0
Decipher Wit    
  Entertain +0
Empathy Ins    
  Evaluate +0
  Fortitude +0
Heal Ins    
       First Aid Ins+2    
  Intimidate +0
  Investigation +0
Lore Wit    
       Ancestries Wit+2    
  Melee +0
  Missile Weapon +0
  Notice +0
Persuasion Ins    
Psychic Wit Ins  
  Ride +0
Spellcasting Wit    
       Mystical Wit+2    
  Stealth +0
  Survival +0
  Throw +0
special abilities Soulkeeper: You seek to fulfill your purpose as a shephard of the dead, sending souls on to whatever fate awaits them, rather than keeping them enslaved in service and forced to endure a twisted unlife. You begin the game with a Spirit Follower. In non-violent encounters with spirits or other undead Strangers, they react to you one step higher on the Attitude Chart.

Spirit Sense: A ghoul can always sense the presence of a spirit within 10 metres, even if the spirit is invisible.

Rise!: You can create an undead Shambler Follower fom a dead body; you suffer 1 Wound when you're done. You can later absorb this Follower's soul to heal 1 Wound; it disintegrates when you're done.

Banish Spirits: You can banish spirits and many kinds of undead and gain a special Skill called Banish. To banish a nearby spirit or undead Enemy you can see, spend 1 Light Fate and 1 Spell Point and make a Banish (Insight) with a Difficulty equal to the Enemy's Threat. You can attempt to Banish multiple Enemies at the same time. To do so, spend 1 Spell Point per Enemy and make your Banish (Insight) test against the Threat of the most powerful Enemy; increase that Difficulty by 3 for each additional Enemy. If you succesfully banish an Enemy and roll a 6 on the Kismet Die, you gain 1d3 Spell Points. Some very powerful undead are immune to being banished.

Failure: No spirits are banished, and any you attempted to banish can damage your character if they are within range.

Unarmed: As a priest, you have taken a vow not to use weapons in combat. When you wield a weapon to make an attack, you lose all your current Light Fate. If you have no current Light Fate, the Game Master gains 1 Dark Fate per attack.

Cold Heart: Your heart is hardened against the sight of suffering and you do not hesitate to cause harm when necessary. When you take damage in combat, you can spend 1 Light Fate to add the amount of damage you take to the next damaging spell you cast in that encounter.
spells Spell Points:5 of 5

Blinding Radiance
Mystic, Basic, Common, Costs 1 Spell Point
You call forth the spiritual power flowing through you and use mystical energy to harm your foes. Choose an Enemy you can see. Attempt a test against the Enemy's Threat Rating as a Full Action. If the result meets or exceeds the Enemy's Threat Rating, the target takes damage equal to 1d6+ your Craft. The target is Blinded until the start of your next turn.

Mystic, Basic, Common, Costs 1 Spell Point
You can call upon mystical healing magic to aid an injured Ally. Choose an injured Ally you can see. Attempt a Difficulty (11) test as a Full Action. You can heal that Ally for 1d6 Life or heal 1 Wound. If this spell is used on an unconscious character, it restores them to consciousness with 1 Life and can heal 1 Wound.

Mystic, Basic, Common, Costs 1 Spell Point
You can harness a destructive magical energy to destroy an object. Identify a nonmagical object, weapon or piece of armour you can see; it muts be small enough to be carried by a single individual. As a Full Action, attempt a test against a Difficulty (11). If the item is being held by an Enemy, the Difficulty is instead equal to that Enemy's Threat Rating. On a success, the target object shatters and becomes useless.
equipment Gold: 3
Item Load
Holy symbol -
Prayer candles (5) -
Healing potion -
Prayer book 1
Haversack (bedroll, mess kit, censer, incense, mess kit, tinderbox, water bottle, prayer candles) 1 (3.5)
Healer's Kit -
Bedroll -
Tinderbox -
Mess kit -
Water bottle -
Censer with incense (20) -
Padded armour and vestments 1
Max load: 10, current load: 3
followers Spirit
Insubstantial Scout: The Spirit can pass through walls, allowing it to give a vague report of what's on the other side.
Psychic Shield: The Spirit can defend you against psychic effects. You may reduce damage you take from a psychic attack or spell effect by 1d6.
Life: 10
Max Loyalty: 3
Restore Loyalty: Restores 1 Loyalty each day its not disturbed.
magic items
notes Grimewatcher acted as the watcher of the dead in a town, where she was still villified for her presence despite the importance of her role. She grew resentful and jumped at the first opportunity to travel alongside Varus and Felial when they came past, though she ensured to rile up the dead and scare the folk of the town before leaving.

Notice: rolls are 3d6, the third die is the Kismet die, if it rolls 1 (additionally marked with __), the GM gets a Dark Fate point, if it rolls a 6 (additionally marked with **), player gets a Light Fate point. Example rolls: first scores an 11 and gives a Dark Fate Point to the GM: [4, 6]+[1__] = 11, second scores a 10 and gives a Light Fate Point to the player: [2, 2]+[6**] = 10

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