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Medium High Elf Magic College Student, Lawful Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 45


17 +3


20 +5


16 +3


10 +0


8 -1


6 -2

Josatra by Jarhed
Languages Common, Elvish


Josatra is a trained fighter for the Elven Guard. She has learned many combat styles, and prefers using them over magic. She was sent to the Magic College to improve her magic, but she has no desire to do so.  

Magic Affinity

Josatra is a light mage, but she rarely uses any attack spells.


Josatra does not use her magic to attack, unless she absolutely has to. Instead, she uses support spells.

  • Glaive- Josatra will attack with her glaive mostly. This deals d10 damage, and she can use many fancy techniques with it. The glaive is a traditional Elven weapon.
  • Need for Light Speed- Coats her legs in light magic. This boosts her speed, giving her an extra +2 to dex.
  • Light Armor- Coats her body in light, giving her a +2 to constitution.
  • Bright Lights, Big Hit-y- Coats her fists/glaive in light. This turns the damage dice up, turning the glaive into a d12, and her fists from d6s to d8s.
  • Not Very Bright- Drains her intelligence, knocking it down 4 points for the rest of combat, in favor of buffing up her strength. She gains a +4 to strength, but is now a mindless fighting machine until she is knocked out.
  • Light-ning- Her only offensive move when it comes to magic, she creates what look like lightning bolts. But upon closer inspection, they are light bolts. They are very fast, but don't deal much damage. They deal d4 damage, but have advantage on hitting.

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