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Medium Kenku Magic College Student, Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class
Hit Points 30


11 +0


10 +0


8 -1


12 +1


17 +3


20 +5

Roaster by Jarhed
Languages Common, Kenku


A Kenku with the stand "World on Fire." He really wants to see things burn, but he doesn't want to do that with raw power. He wants to create a chain of restaurants around the world, and getting people addicted to his food.  

Magic Affinity

Roaster has fire magic.


Roaster uses fire magic. He makes giant flames that are easy to dodge, but hurt when they actually hit. He also has a stand, which is described below as well.

  • Kenku Fried Chicken- Roaster creates a giant flame below the feet of his opponent. He attempts to fry them with the flame. If this hits, it deals 2d10 damage, but he won't use it for another 3 turns after it hits.
  • Kenku Chicken Bucket- He burns the area around a target, destroying the ground and trapping them in an area. Only after he does this, can he use his next move.
  • 8-12 Piece- He can build up an attack within the bucket, creating a fire within the entire thing. If he does the attack immediately, it will deal d8 damage. The next turn, it's d10, then after that it's d12.
  • World on Fire- This is Roaster's stand. With it, he can put out any flames instantly. He will do this the turn after any large flame attack he does lands, which uses up that turn.

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