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Salasar Feaphed

Medium Dragonborn Magic College Student, Neutral Good

Armor Class
Hit Points 200


15 +2


18 +4


18 +4


26 +8


20 +5


19 +4

Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
Languages All


A student at the Magic College, Salasar Feaphed has spent his entire life (which he has magically extended, being 100 at the current point in time) studying every piece of knowledge he can get his hands on. He has a near unlimited knowledge of magic, language, culture.
Due to this, there will be no specific spells listed here for him. This encounter is meant to test the limits of the imagination and provide an incredibly large challenge to the players, but also for the GM.
He will also not be fighting with the intention to kill any of the Monions, so there is no need to worry there. He will heal them after the fight. If he is brought to half health, or if both of his allies are defeated, he will give up.  

Magic Affinity

Salasar Feaphed is an ace. This means that he can use every type of magic: Fire, water, earth, ice, air, lightning, light, and dark.  

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