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Sliq Monion

Large Goblin , Chaotic Evil

Armor Class
Hit Points 150


18 +4


4 -3


20 +5


20 +5


8 -1


15 +2

Sliq Monion by Yumedatchi


The Goblin Lord, and famed bad artist, Sliq Monion is a terrifying foe that commands a legion of terrible drawings.


Sliq Monion creates terrible pieces of art to fight for him. Unless his opponents are right within reach of his grubby little arms, he will not attack them himself.
Instead, he makes art such as:

  • Dive Bomber- A poorly drawn bird that will swoop down from the sky and try and claw at the heads of opponents. It dies upon impact, but deals d8 damage.
  • SkeleBones- A skeleton that will not attack, but will try and jump in the way of attacks aimed at Sliq. It dies in one hit.
  • Mini Sliqs- He can create small versions of himself. They have the same stats as him, but only have 6 HP.
  • Spikes with Faces- As the name suggests, he makes spikes with faces that can move slowly towards their targets.
  • Kangaroo with Boxing Gloves- Self explanatory again with what it is. This has a +4 to strength, and all other stats are a 10. It will go and try and punch the Player Characters. It has 12 HP. He can only create this once.

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