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Bane's Sword

Wondrous Item


Tohil's Sword by Max A Million

One of the Divine Items, Bane's Sword grants Sword Magic, a form of Item Magic┬áthat creates swords out of mana. The form of the swords, as well as Bane's Sword itself, varies with the user.   A more vain user is known to create gaudier swords with more flashiness and less power, while a more practical user creates more blades or swords designed for combat rather than visual flair. There are also instances of Sword Mages that created invisible or magical swords, rather than physical ones. It depends entirely on the user, and no two Sword Magics are the same. The only similarity is the incredible damage it does, with multiple damage dies that can be done through sword bombardments, with d10-d20 damage on attacks depending on the scale of the spell.

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Item (2020)