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Returning Shield +1

Armor (Shield)

Uncommon Transmutation Requires Attunement


A smooth steel shield with a raised boss in the middle.

Functions like a normal shield when worn on the arm. An attuned creature can make an attack by throwing the shield. This attack counts as a ranged weapon attack.
The shield will fly back to the hand at the end of the wearers turn. While the shield is not in their hands, the owner does not gain it's AC bonus.

If the shield is within 200 ft of it's attuned owner, they can call it to their hand with an action. The shield will fly to them at a speed of 100ft per turn, in the most direct route possible, going around corners and obstacles if necessary.

Type AC STR Req. Stealth Dis.
Shield +3 No
Type Damage Damage Range
Simple Ranged 1d8+1 Bludgeoning 30/60ft

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